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Theme of this file:  Gold from Heaven
We are now in the days when God is moving His time table forward, and increasing the glory of His Presence upon those who are waiting upon Him.  Yes, we will see an increase in the darkness of world events, yet His glorious Presence is increasing as well.  "Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, And deep darkness the people;  But the LORD will arise over you, And His glory will be seen upon you." (NKJ Isaiah 60:1-2)    "For thus saith the LORD of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land; And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts. The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the LORD of hosts.  The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts."  (Hag 2:6-9) 

Now is the time to seek Him, to press in to His Presence and catch the waves of His glory!

#1-17:   Visions, Dreams, Teachings on Gold Signs

#18-55:  Experiences & Testimonies of Gold Crowned Teeth, Fillings, Glitter & Sparkles





























































(5 visions and 1 dream included in this posting from Sandy Warner on 3/8/99)

Have you ever sat in a sun beam near a window, punched a pillow, and watched the dust swirl and twirl? (If you haven’t, maybe that’s one of those leftovers from my childhood days!) Well the first week of 1999, at church during worship, I suddenly saw sparkling gold glitter swirling and twirling in circles. I marveled at such a thing and asked the Lord what it could mean. Without my saying anything, a couple weeks later a lady came forward in church and shared a vision she’d had.


Vision & Word given to Jennifer Holland:

As I was worshipping I saw gold dust filling the air. I asked the Lord what it was and He said it was the physical expression of His Presence. In other words, it was what we perceive in our understanding and experience of Him. Then I saw a gold miner standing in a stream panning for gold. He was picking up little flakes of gold in his gold pan and was very excited as he gathered each one in his dish. The Lord said, "That is My church, standing in the stream of My Presence and glory."

I perceived that we were satisfied and excited about those little nuggets and little flakes of the gold. There was a tendency to want to "camp" at the spot and not move on up the stream. I sensed a striving to get what gold could be found in the pan, but there was not a striving to go to the source, a digging into Him.

Then the Lord spanned the scope of my vision outward and I could see the stream with the mountain behind it. The Lord asked, "What is the source of that gold? The source of that gold is in the mountain. My very Presence is in the mountain." I could see a river of gold running through the mountain.

Prophetic Word:

"Come into the mountain, come into My very Presence. The flakes of gold are only like the sluffings off of Who I AM, and what I AM and what you are experiencing of Me. Come into the very Source of that gold. It may take digging, it may take a blasting away to get to the gold, but press into Me. You have been satisfied with the flakes when the mother lode is waiting. Press in, climb up stream and find the mother lode."

from Jennifer Holland

[end of vision]


A couple weeks after Jennifer shared this, I read several pages of posted e-mails of people seeing gold dust, gold sparkles, and gold glitter all over the world. People saw it literally and they saw it in the Spirit. The following is a reprinted vision used with permission.


Vision given to Lori Hankins:

About 7 years ago I had a vision: I was up on a stage preaching the gospel when suddenly Jesus appeared behind me. Then as I spoke gold dust started coming out of my mouth. I saw it come out and land on the people in the audience. I turned and looked at Jesus and He smiled and nodded His head yes. So I continued to share and then had the urge to blow upon people. When I did this the gold dust went all over the room filling the atmosphere. It was so incredible and real in the vision.

from Lori Hankins

[end of Lori’s vision]


Dream given to Sandy:

After I wrote this gold dust post, but was waiting upon the Lord to send it, He gave me a dream: My Dad had a plant nursery, and I was enjoying the beautiful landscaping, the plants and the pools. As I was enjoying the lush setting, I passed by a huge solid gold boulder. A little miner (probably an angel) was standing in front of the gold boulder with his pick and shovel in hand ready to pass out chunks of gold. The reason he appeared so small is because the solid gold boulder was towering over his head! As I passed by I suddenly had large chunks of gold in my mouth. (About the size of jelly beans.) They felt quite strange and I wasn’t sure if I was to swallow them or spit them out! At the same time I was deciding what to do with these gold chunks, a family asked me to pray for their son. The son was crooked with disease. I was not sure what I was supposed to do because I needed to pray for their son, but my mouth was filled with all of this gold! I woke up still deciding what I was supposed to do with these gold chunks.

2 Visions given to Sandy:

Today as I was preparing to send this post out, more posts came in about the Lord literally filling gold teeth. Teeth fillings are a parable of filling holes caused by decay. This reminded me of 2 visions I had in the early 80’s. In the first I saw the army of cankerworms coming in masses over the hills and valleys. Everywhere their slime touched, they left gaping holes in people. The only way to keep from being "slimed" was to vigorously exercise one’s conscience. In the scripture about the cankerworms, we have the Lord’s promise, "And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you… And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions. And also on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days." (Joel 2: 25, 28,29)

In the other vision I saw my baby son’s brand new tooth popping through and simultaneously heard the Lord’s still small voice say, "There will I make the horn of David to bud." (Psalm 132:17) The word horn comes from a root Hebrew word meaning to grow a horn (like a rams horn). In part of the animal kingdom, horns are usually a symbol of the growth of authority. So as I ponder the sign of Him filling/replacing teeth with gold, I see the Lord saying He is wanting to restore our authority in Jesus to pray for the crooked and maimed and release the captives.

The last few weeks I have perceived a noticeable increase in His anointing. He is closer, His Presence is stronger and the manifestation of His power is stronger. I firmly believe that we have a door of opportunity opened to us at this very hour. He is drawing us closer to Him in preparation for what is to come. This is not a time to take the increases of His golden glory for granted, rather it is a time to persistently climb up stream, and dig deep until we find His mother lode. It’s waiting. He’s waiting! His gold rush is coming and He is asking us, "Do we want the gold dust or the Mother Lode?"

Sandy Warner



Date: 3/11/99

From: (Cindi Eaton)


We've never experienced the gold dust/flakes but I will share something both Doug and I saw about 2 years ago in church. At one point I saw Jesus kind of throwing out gold stuff that looked like...well, at the time I described it as looking like Tinkerbell dust ::grin:: But it got bigger like flakes or gold foil. And the words, "mercy chips" came.

From the mercy seat. And then Jesus was putting them on the people's foreheads that were coming up to the altar. It was so awesome to me and I asked God to help Doug see it too. I've never prayed that before but did then. After the service Doug started to tell me he "saw" something and was excited about it. I asked him excitedly what he saw and he described the same thing I had seen!!! But he also saw two angels, one on either side, with swords (serious looking dudes he said) like they were guarding what was going on.

We were both so excited, especially seeing the same thing and realizing it wasn't just our imagination or something and we made a dash to our pastor to tell him about it. It was really an encouragement to him and spoke to him of what was going on. Today when I read these posts I remembered about the gold "mercy chips" and wondered if that had connection with what's been happening lately. Then when Jane raised the

question of what this could mean, I had to jump in and share. And just now Doug came up and asked if I've been reading this thread because he remembered too about the mercy chips we saw. Sorry this is so long. Oh, and just think of the song we sing "Mercy is Falling" : )

Bless you all,

Cindi Eaton




Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999

Subject: re: gold dust

About 7 years ago I had a vision: I was up on a stage preaching the gospel when suddenly Jesus appeared behind me. Then as I spoke gold dust started coming out of my mouth. I saw it come out and land on the people in the audience. I turned and looked at Jesus and He smiled and nodded His head yes. So I continued to share and then had the urge to blow upon people. When I did this the gold dust went all over the room filling the atmosphere. It was so incredible and real in the vision.

Then about 3 weeks ago I was at church and a couple came up to me and said they could see gold sparkles on my face. On that day I was so filled with the joy of the Lord that I felt like I would burst, even my face hurt from smiling so hard. I really believe that this is the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and it is increasing more and more even to the point that it is becoming visible. It makes me think of Moses- "and whenever the children of Israel saw the face of Moses, that the skin of Moses' face shone...." Exodus 34:35a Moses face was shining with the glory of God, so that he ended up putting a

veil over his face. "But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord" 2 Cor. 3:18 These are indeed exciting times.....................

Lori Hankins



Glitter Bug

I was in a room that had been decorated with gold glitter in certain areas. Then someone came up and showed me a big, brown, bug that had gold glitter on its wings, legs and antennae. What was that about, Lord?

2/24/99 10:01 a.m.

I Am causing a "happening" all around the earth. The light of My glory is spreading. As of late, many have called forth to Me and asked for this mighty outpouring of My glory. They are about to get their wish! I have seen, with My very own eyes, hearts open up readily to this cry that is going forth for more of Me and more of My work. I have seen, with My very own eyes, the readiness of My saints to participate in this end-time drama.

This is to be a joyful time! This is to be a time of spreading the good news like no other. Look forward to the work that is going forth and know, as this glory shines forth, even the bugs will glory in My presence. Even right down to the tiniest of creatures will know that the God of the universe has seen fit to visit the earth with His lasting presence. No longer will you look to and fro for the glory of your God. My glory will be with you and in you. You will walk according to the wishes of your God in total compliance, because My glory will be shining forth in you and giving you the lighted way. I Am telling you that

something magnificent is about to happen. All the earth…all it contains…will experience this glory. I say, ALL, right down to the least of the creation of your God will cry out to Me. For I Am holy and I Am the Creator of all. Even the rocks will determine that I Am the God of holiness and will shake and quaver in My presence. The Holy One of Israel is about to make an appearance in your midst. His glory is to be shed abroad in every willing heart. Even the smallest of His creation will recognize this fact. Shake and tremble before the holiness of the Lord. Shake and tremble! For I Am awesome and holy! I Am above reproach! I Am God!!! I have predestined this time to show Myself

to those who are willing to come forth and seek My face. I Am expending My time at this present moment in preparation of the feast that is about to be laid before you. Take part in the celebration of the age. Take part and eat freely at My table. For I have deemed it necessary in this age to take drastic measures. See the mountains shake. Feel the earth quake. Hear the created beings buzz and hum. For the Lord your God has chosen this as the most excellent time to show the world…the whole world…that He is

truly the God of this age and all ages to come. Bow down and worship Him. Bow down and worship Him in the Spirit of holiness. For He is truly God. He is truly the King Eternal!!!


Servant of the Lord

Prophetic Exhortation



Date: 3/8/99

From: (Elaine Woods)

I would like to share a vision that I received on Sunday, April 14: 1996

Our evening celebration meeting was canceled on Sunday, so some of us got together to pray and worship at a friend's house. During the worship time as we sang Sweet Wind I closed my eyes. Then I realized that I was looking at beings who were on fire coming and going back and forth as if they were very busy preparing for something. They were on fire but instead of looking like fire, they almost looked like molten gold but much, much brighter. The next instant I was looking at the Washington Monument, and there was gold snow or what looked like gold sequins falling all around the monument, coating the monument as it fell. I looked at the statue of Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial, and there was all of this gold snow dancing and swirling around the statue. As I watched the gold snow rolled across the reflecting pond in the Mall. It burst through the doors of the Congress, seeming to rush through the halls and swirled around the main chamber. It engulfed the White House and the next thing I saw was the British Parliament Building being washed by this Gold storm. I caught a very brief glimpse of what I think was Paris in a blizzard of gold snow. The next thing I knew I was looking at the Arabian peninsula from deep in space. I could see the Red Sea and the Indian ocean. Coming from both the East and West were these rolling billowing huge clouds of gold snow just covering everything in their path. The clouds rolled onto the coast of the Arabian peninsula and stopped moving for a very short time. The gold snow just kept climbing higher and higher against an unseen wall or barrier until it broke over the top and flowed down onto the peninsula. This is were this vision




From: jimmy & julie Meeks <>

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999

All these accounts of gold is so exciting! What an awesome God we serve!!! My 15 year old son often has prayer meetings with his friends at our house, they have often seen an angel throwing gold dust around. You have to know these kids, they are serious about God and really get into worshipping him. I had never seen it till one night I was worshipping and something gold hit the wall I was facing and splashed down. I watched it go down the wall, amazed. Reading all these other accounts makes me see that God is really up to something. I feel that everything is about to explode into a spiritual birth. Praise the Lord!!!!

Bless you,

Julie Meeks



Date: 3/11/99


Hi Everyone,

I was also at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Intercessor's Conference last week when the gold and platinum teeth and fillings appeared. It was truly amazing! People were watching them form on the teeth right before their eyes and the last night there was some gold dust appearing.

In a time of worship on the last day I believe that the Lord may have given me a word about what was happening and I would like to submit it to you to weigh.

I saw the picture of a huge wave coming. I have seen this before so it was not really surprising or new and I believe it to be a wave of signs, wonders, miracles and healings. This picture was unique, though, because off the top of the wave the wind was blowing the foam onshore. But, instead of foam it was GOLD!!! I feel that the Lord is saying that this is a foretaste of what is to come soon. This is the wind of the Spirit blowing tiny pieces off the top of this next wave to us. The wave isn't here yet, but it is coming soon and we are to receive God's love and mercy and provision in this hour. We are in a time of preparation and it is now important to learn to receive what the Lord is doing....not analyze or speculate....JUST RECEIVE!!! I also feel that the Lord is showing us that what is coming is not going to be something we will be will indeed be a NEW THING! It will be past finding thoughts are NOT your thoughts, says the Lord. I mean, who would have thought of gold teeth!!??!

When I was sharing with my family what had been happening in Toronto my 7-year-old said, "Mom, it's God's Glory coming down!!!" (Out of the mouths of babes I have ordained praise!)

Blessings on all of you as you move forward in Him,





Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999

From: Marco Portesi <>

This is a dream I had on1/30/99 about seeing signs (gold stars, etc.) in the sky:

DREAM: As I was standing in my driveway with my brother one night (he was an L.A. policeman who died 17 years ago), I looked up into the sky and saw lots of constellations, but it was the Big Dipper that got my real attention. The stars that comprised the shape of it looked like they were made of pure gold and they were much larger than I had ever seen them before. I pointed this out to Jack and he said, "You should have seen them at Christmas time. They were much larger." I wondered why he hadn't shown them to me, since he was at my house then. Then, as we continued watching, the gold stars burst into tiny fragments. As each one burst, they sprayed what looked like fine particles of gold, sort of like fireworks. Then, a wreath of beautifully bright colored butterflies appeared where the Big Dipper had been. It seemed to rotate and change like a kaleidoscope.

Then, it disappeared and a wreath of flowers that looked like roses with other flowers I could not identify appeared in beautiful soft colors in the same manner. Then the wreath of flowers disappeared and the whole process began again, repeating 2 more times.

When I woke up I remembered seeing the same two wreaths in another dream, a few years dipper in that one. I also had a song going round in my mind..."This is the message of the cross..."my precious Lord Jesus, for sinners you died." Note: My brother accepted the Lord shortly before he died, after getting himself into a whole lot of trouble with the police department...long story.

According to Ira Milligan, 1.) BUTTERFLYS mean Freedom: Fragile; temporary glory. 2.) ROSE means Romance: Love; Courtship ("I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys." -Song of Solomon 2:1) 3.) Round Shape (for wreath) is Spiritual: Grace; mercy; compassion; forgiveness.

I wonder if there is any connection of this dream with the gold sparkles that have been appearing on some people? As Jenni said, "Its a sign and we wonder about it." Does anyone have any insights?

When Randy Clark preached in Oklahoma City in 1998, the same gold flecks appeared on him.

Waiting and watching for Him,

Glenda Portesi

Glenda & Marco Portesi




Date: 3/17/99

From: ParkerBean

I was cleaning the inside of a church (it did not look like the church I attended at the time and I did clean the church at that time.) I noticed the windows had that old-time religious look about them with beautiful stained glass. As I was cleaning I heard a very loud crash and I looked around me and noticed gold dust everywhere. Then I noticed that every single window was broken and what appeared to me was that someone had thrown rocks through the windows. When I went to pick up the what I thought were rocks I then noticed they were gold nuggets, very huge gold nuggets. At this time I got very excited and went to get 3 huge bowls to fill with the gold nuggets. As I went to collect them I noticed that some were not all the way gold like they were half stone half gold. These I did not put into the bowls only the completely gold nuggets did I put in the bowls. The gold dust by this time had completely covered everything inside and I could still see particles floating. At this time I was tempted to keep a gold nugget to myself and I didn't because for some reason I knew I shouldn't. I also knew God would send me more if needed. Right after that my pastor walked in and I presented him the 3 bowls filled with gold. He also became very excited.  [END OF DREAM]



[From Sandy Warner]

This dream was quickened to my ears. The following are things that was brought to mind as I read it. I broke it apart to better undrstand.

"I was cleaning the inside of a church (it did not look like the church I attended at the time and I did clean the church at that time.)"

"I noticed the windows had that old-time religious look about them with beautiful stained glass." "As I was cleaning I heard a very loud crash and I looked around me and noticed gold dust everywhere. Then I noticed that every single window was broken and what appeared to me was that someone had thrown rocks through the windows." "When I went to pick up the what I thought were rocks I then noticed they were gold nuggets, very huge gold nuggets. At this time I got very excited and went to get 3 huge bowls to fill with the gold nuggets." "As I went to collect them I noticed that some were not all the way gold like they were half stone half gold. These I did not put into the bowls - only the completely gold nuggets did I put in the bowls." "The gold dust by this time had completely covered everything inside and I could still see particles floating." "At this time I was tempted to keep a gold nugget to myself and I didn't because for some reason I knew I shouldn't. I also knew God would send me more if needed." "Right after that my pastor walked in and I presented him the 3 bowls filled with gold. He also became very excited." ~~~~~~~~~~~~

[Hebrew comes from the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance Hebrew Dictionary]

"For thus saith the LORD of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake (07493)  the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land; And I will shake all nations, and the desire (02532) of all nations shall come: (0935) and I will fill (04390) this house (01004) with glory (03519), saith the LORD of hosts. The silver (03701) is mine, and the gold (02091) is mine, saith the LORD of hosts. The glory (03519) of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts."  (Hag 2:6-9)

SHAKE (07493)

07493 ra`ash {raw-ash}

¤ a primitive root; TWOT - 2195; v

¤ AV - shake 16, tremble 9, moved 2, afraid 1, quake 1, remove 1; 30

¤ 1) to quake, shake 1a) (Qal) to quake, shake 1b) (Niphal) to be made to quake 1c) (Hiphil) 1c1) to cause to quake 1c2) to cause to spring or leap (of horse)

DESIRE (02532)

02532 chemdah {khem-daw'}

¤ from 02531; TWOT - 673b

¤ AV - pleasant 12, desire 4, beloved 3, goodly 2, precious 4; 25

¤ n f 1) desire, that which is desirable adj 2) pleasant, precious

COME (0935)

0935 bow' {bo}

¤ a primitive root; TWOT - 212; v

¤ AV - come 1435, bring 487, ... in 233, enter 125, go 123, carry 17, ...down 23, pass 13, ...out 12, misc 109; 2577

¤ 1) to go in, enter, come, go, come in 1a) (Qal) 1a1) to enter, come in 1a2) to come 1a2a) to come with 1a2b) to come upon, fall or light upon, attack (enemy) 1a2c) to come to pass 1a3) to attain to 1a4) to be enumerated 1a5) to go 1b) (Hiphil) 1b1) to lead in 1b2) to carry in 1b3) to bring in, cause to come in, gather, cause to come, bring near, bring against, bring upon 1b4) to bring to pass 1c) (Hophal) 1c1) to be brought, brought in 1c2) to be introduced, be put

FILL (04390)

04390 male' {maw-lay'} or mala' (Esth. 7:5) {maw-law'}

¤ a primitive root; TWOT - 1195; v

¤ AV - fill 107, full 48, fulfil 28, consecrate 15, accomplish 7, replenish 7, wholly 6, set 6, expired 3, fully 2, gather 2, overflow 2, satisfy 2, misc 14; 249

¤ 1) to fill, be full 1a) (Qal) 1a1) to be full 1a1a) fullness, abundance (participle) 1a1b) to be full, be accomplished, be ended 1a2) to consecrate, fill the hand 1b) (Niphal) 1b1) to be filled, be armed, be satisfied 1b2) to be accomplished, be ended 1c) (Piel) 1c1) to fill 1c2) to satisfy 1c3) to fulfil, accomplish, complete 1c4) to confirm 1d) (Pual) to be filled 1e) (Hithpael) to mass themselves against

HOUSE (01004)

01004 bayith {bah'-yith}

¤ probably from 01129 abbreviated; TWOT - 241; n m

¤ AV - house 1881, household 54, home 25, within 22, temple 11, prison 16, place 16, family 3, families + 01 2, dungeon 2, misc 23; 2055

¤ 1) house 1a) house, dwelling habitation 1b) shelter or abode of animals 1c) human bodies (fig.) 1d) of Sheol 1e) of abode of light and darkness 1f) of land of Ephraim 2) place 3) receptacle 4) home, house as containing a family 5) household, family 5a) those belonging to the same household 5b) family of descendants, descendants as organized body 6) household affairs 7) inwards (metaph.) 8) (TWOT) temple adv 9) on the inside prep 10) within

GLORY (03519)

03519 kabowd {kaw-bode'} rarely kabod {kaw-bode'}

¤ from 03513; TWOT - 943d,943e; n m

¤ AV - glory 156, honour 32, glorious 10, gloriously 1, honourable 1; 200

¤ 1) glory, honour, glorious, abundance 1a) abundance, riches 1b) honour, splendour, glory 1c) honour, dignity 1d) honour, reputation 1e) honour, reverence, glory 1f) glory

SILVER (03701)

03701 keceph {keh'-sef}

¤ from 03700; TWOT - 1015a; n m

¤ AV - silver 287, money 112, price 3, silverlings 1; 403

¤ 1) silver, money 1a) silver 1a1) as metal 1a2) as ornament 1a3) as colour 1b) money, shekels, talents

GOLD (02091)

02091 zahab {zaw-hawb'}

¤ from an unused root meaning to shimmer; TWOT - 529a; n m

¤ AV - gold 348, golden 40, fair weather 1; 389

¤ 1) gold 1a) as precious metal 1b) as a measure of weight 1c) of brilliance, splendour (fig.)




by Bobby Conner February 4, 1999


1 Cor. 2:9-16 "But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God. For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God. Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. Which things also we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ. (KJV)

-Our Eyes Will Behold New Things- & Our Ears Will Hear New Things-

We now have the opportunity to see things and hear things that previously we have not experienced we are in a time of extraordinary revelation and released understanding. Each of us can get as close to Christ as we choose to be. There is absolutely no excuse, anyone of us can get as close to Jesus as we choose to. We have an open door. We have access to the Almighty. It is time to draw near with hearts full of assurance. There is nothing stopping any of us except our own lack of hunger! May God create in us a desperate hunger to go after HIM. See Matthew 5:6.

See Psalm 42:1-5 and Psalm 63:1-5. This prayer must be the desperate plea of our soul. Ps 119:18 Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law. (KJV) The Spirit of God is opening the deaf ears, and opening our dim and blinded eyes of the Church, in order for our eyes to behold Truth. We are in a day of God doing His new things. (See Isaiah 48:6-8). Isa. 29:18 "And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book, and the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity, and out of darkness. (KJV) Ask the Spirit of God to open your eyes to see, and your ears to hear. This is a time to knock upon heaven's door. This is a time to ask of the Lord. (See John 16:24). The Spirit of God is teaching the Body of Christ to pray. (See Luke 11:1-11). Isa. 32:3 And the eyes of them that see shall not be dim, and the ears of them that hear shall hearken. (KJV)

We are seeing dead dry religion get darker and duller yet we are also seeing the Light of God's glory coming upon His children. (See Sa. 60:1-5). In many places where the saints of God are coming together there are mighty signs of God's power and presence. Some meetings have reported mighty healing, and deliverance, along with gold dust sparkles all around the pulpit and altar. Many are reporting that they are seeing angles. The gap between the spiritual world and our physical world is fast closing. Get ready to see the glory of God in away you have never experienced. But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear. For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them. (KJV) The Holy Spirit is now releasing understanding of the times and the purposes of God. (See Ecl. 3:1-4). Luke 24:45 Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures. (KJV)




Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999

Hi all; This gold dust has sure brought a lot comments. I will add a few to what has been said.

God will manifest His signs & wonders as He chooses for He is a sovereign God. Through these He shows us His Glory. In John chapter 2:1-11 Jesus was ask by His mother to change the water in to wine. Jesus did this, why? Verse 11 tell us; This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him. (KJS) So God want us to see just as those disciples did, and this was just the first . If God wants to get our attention.He will move and do what He wants. I say that is good. WE must give God the glory in all that He does. In Malachi 2:2 If ye will not hear, and if ye will not lay [it] to heart, to give glory unto my name, saith the LORD of hosts, I will even send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings: yea, I have cursed them already, because ye do not lay [it] to heart.

Did this event bear fruit; in this case yes, people were healed, some were filled wit the Holy Spirit, others became more bold in their witness for Christ Jesus, all this is to the glory of God.

Some may have doubt; let us stop and consider what was said of Jesus in Mark 6: 4 But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house. 5 And he could there do no mighty work, save that he laid his hands upon a few sick folk, and healed [them]. 6 And he marvelled because of their unbelief . And he went round about the villages, teaching. It makes one think.

Why gold? Only God knows for sure. Gold is mention over 500 times in the Bible, more than any other metal. It never tarnishes, it is extremely mallable and is a good conductor. God wants us to be pure and not tarnished , He wants us to be mallable, to be shaped by Him, and to be a good conductor of the gospel of Jesus Christ,and His Word. God must think very highly of gold for the Bible tell us in Revelation about the new Jerusalem; Rev. 21:18,21 ---18 And the building of the wall of it was [of] jasper: and the city [was] pure gold , like unto clear glass. 21 And the twelve gates [were] twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl: and the street of the city [was] pure gold , as it were transparent glass. Also God speaks in Haggai 2:7,8,9---7 And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts. 8 The silver [is] mine, and the gold [is] mine, saith the LORD of hosts. 9 The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts.

Notice that God speaks of the silver and gold and that it is His. He speaks of this when He is speaking of the glory verse 7 & 9 the gold being spoke of in verse 7 ; I believe God want to show us something here, that gold can be used as a type and shadow of His glory, we must use this in the context of what He said in these three verses.  I believe God will show Himself to those who will believe and I know we must try the spirits as in 1John 1:1-6. We must know Gods voice, Jesus said My sheep know My voice.

God bless and keep you all in the center of His will.  Jesus is Lord. In Christ,




Press Release by John Arnott in Toronto


Date: 18 March 1999


Why would God fill people's teeth with gold? Perhaps because He loves them and delights in blessing His children. Perhaps it is a sign and a wonder to expose the skepticism still in so many of us. Perhaps His glory and presence are drawing very near.

On Wednesday evening March 3rd, 1999 miracles began happening in people’s teeth. By Thursday evening, over 50 people were on the platform at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship testifying to having received what appeared to be gold or bright silver fillings or crowns, which they believed had supernaturally appeared in their mouths after receiving prayer during the Intercession Conference. Many received one, two, three or more, and in some cases up to ten changed fillings! On the Saturday night of the conference, there were 198 on the platform saying that God had given them a dental miracle. By Sunday night, well over 300 people were testifying to this unusual sign. Testimonies, even now, are continuing to pour in.

Our leadership have encouraged people to verify these miracles with their dentists, who in some cases, have been understandably hesitant to explain why their patients’ fillings have become so shiny and have changed in color from dark amalgam to bright silver or gold. In a few cases, dentists were able to show from their records that the gold was put in their mouths previously by the dentist and not by God. These people had apparently forgotten that this work had been done. The majority of these incidents however, seem to be beyond explaining, other than that God has given these wonderful gifts.

After the conference, delegates returned home and dental miracles surprisingly began to happen to some of their friends and family members. Some are testifying that these miracles happened while watching conference sessions on video tape. Reports of people’s fillings turning a bright silver or gold color are coming in from South Africa, Australia, England, Mexico and across Canada and the USA. The excitement here at TACF is electric with the news of how these dental miracles are so rapidly spreading.

TACF is encouraging people to obtain dental confirmations. We will do a follow-up report in the near future and publish our findings. Meanwhile dental miracles, along with many other healings, continue to take place at the nightly meetings. Things that we have seen happening in Argentina and Brazil for fifteen years are starting to happen here now. Conversions to Christ have also increased! While we are thankful for the miracles and healings that are taking place, our eyes are on Jesus and it is Him alone we look to and worship.

Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship

(Please keep checking our website for updates
Toronto reports are online at:



From: "earlyb" <>

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999

Blessings to all,

Upon reading the gold dust posts, I was reminded of a Scripture that I had meditated on in January. The verses were so strong in my heart, that I carried them around on 3x5 cards to read over and over for several days. Now, in faith, I believe is the time of fulfillment of these words:

Yes, the Almighty will be your gold and your precious silver;

For then you will have your delight in the Almighty,

And lift up your face to God.

You will make your prayer to Him, He will hear you,

And you will pay your vows.

You will also declare a thing,

And it will be established for you;

So light will shine on your ways.

When they case you down, and you say,

"Exaltation will come!"

Then He will save the humble person.

He will even deliver one who is not innocent;

Yes, he will be delivered by the purity

of your hands.

Job 22:25-30

I pray these will be the days that we will see it come to pass. Maranatha!




Date: 3/9/99

From: (Sandi Laufenberg)

Wow, it just occurred to me...

Is our bridegroom showering us with gifts of pure gold in preparation for the wedding day?

Not only is he preparing us to be without spot or wrinkle by giving us pretty new gold teeth, but He is sparkling us with that gold dust... which is oh so beautiful to look at on us.




Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999

When I heard about the gold fillings in people's teeth appearing at the Toronto Intercessor's Conference, I immediately thought of tooth decay!! God is taking our areas of decay and filling them with pure GOLD !!! He is taking our holes of decay and filling them with GOLD !!! Hallelujah!

Brian Tunstall



Date: 2/17/99 10:51:05 AM Pacific Standard Time

From: (Mark VanOuse)

Hi all,

In the revival in Argentina people are getting their teeth miraculously filled -- many with gold!

Hey... here's a thought.... you know the Bible tells us we will walk on streets of Gold.... this is just a thought....

But maybe those gold flecks is the "dust" kicked up by our Lord dancing over us on those streets of gold with joy (Zeph 3:17).

Rejoicing WITH Him!!!!

Mark VanOuse

State College, PA



From: "Marti Wine Peterson" <>

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999

Had to jump in about the gold dust. About 25 years ago, I was in a healing meeting. A friend with me showed me his hands, which had gold all over his fingertips. He said he always got that when he was around a healing anointing, as he was called in that area. I had never seen or heard of any such thing up to that time. I didn't see it again until I was in Toronto three years ago, and one night waiting for service to begin, I saw gold on my own fingertips, which I showed to my husband. I knew I felt an anointing; but didn't know definitely WHAT the gold was for. I wondered at the time if it was for a healing anointing, as that's what my friend said his was for. I've never seen it on my own self again; but have seen it at some of our women's retreats on others and have heard valid eye witness reports of gold dust several times in different places in San Jose, CR the past few years. To us I would say it represented the GLORY of God and all that goes with that GLORY. We know that Moses' face shown after being in the Presence of God. Maybe it was gold dust. Personally, I think God just likes to delight His children, and He knows we like visible signs of His Presence. What's a little Gold to Him? He has streets of Gold. Loving His blessing however it comes!

Marti Wine Peterson



{From Bobby Conner’s Website}

God Is Putting Gold In People’s Mouth!

Bobby Conner - March 18, 1999 - Report of Miracle of Gold Teeth!

God is at work in a very real way. In many different places around the world the Lord is putting gold teeth in people’s mouth.

March 12th Bob Jones and I were discussing; by telephone, the fact that God was putting gold in people’s teeth. I told Bob that I had heard about this, however I had not seen any of this in my meetings. I was scheduled to go to Ascension Church at Skiatook, Oklahoma for meetings March 13th through March 15th. Carolyn and I arrive at Skiatook Oklahoma. In the hotel we turn on the television and there is John Arnott from Toronto Airport Vineyard Church and he is having a service holding a flash light into the mouth of different people who had received this miracle of gold teeth. Carolyn gets on her knees before the television and puts her fingers in her mouth and asked God to do this for her. That night I go to the meeting at Ascension Church, I began telling them about this gold being put in teeth. While preach I asked God why have You done something without me? He quickly responded I have not done it for you because you mocked Me about this years ago. Suddenly my mind went back years ago when I read about this thing of God putting gold fillings in people’s teeth, and I said before the First Baptist Church in Bullard, Texas well God would never do such a thing. If he was going to do that He would put porcelain in. God said to me if you will repent, I will do this in your meetings. So I publicly repented, and in the service in Skiatook God began to put gold crosses in several people’s teeth. This was wild, people were shouting and running about with flash light looking in each other’s mouth as God did this. I was scheduled to God to Mason Texas to minister March 16th and 17th at a youth retreat. When we get there I tell the story of God putting gold in people’s teeth in Skiatook, the people had a hard time believing such a thing. I said to them let’s get some flashlights and look to see what God is doing. Suddenly people began to shout, God was putting full gold teeth in several people’s mouth. Some of these people had no fillings of any sort and now they had bright shinny gold fillings. Some had silver that had turned to bright gold. One lady in Skiatook went to her dentist the next morning and he said "I can not explain it!" you now have a gold filling, this is something I have not put in your mouth. Many others are contacting their dentist to get verification and proof from their dental record.


I think we must be careful not to attempt to explain everything God does. Remember He is God! He can do anything He chooses to do. And he does not need our permission to do so. Yet I do feel that there are several lessons to be learned.

1. God is getting us ready for strong meat. It is time to stop just sucking milk and go on into strong meat. God is saying to us grow up.

2. God is putting the real wealth in our mouths, we are about to share the glorious gospel the message of God’s great redemptive love the cross will be a strong message. That is one reason God is placing gold crosses in peoples mouth.


Isaiah 41:15 "Behold, I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth: thou shalt thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and shalt make the hills as chaff". (KJV)

God is speaking to us about getting ready for the harvest. We must have strong teeth. God has promised His people if we would open wide our mouth He would fill it. Psalms 81:10 "I am the LORD thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt: open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it." (KJV)

God desires for us to have his praise continually in our mouth. Ps 34:1 "I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. (KJV)

God wants us to open our lips and mouth and shew forth His praise, this is one of the things God is accomplishing with this miracle of gold in teeth, many are opening their mouth and giving praise to God.

Ps 51:15 O Lord, open thou my lips; and my mouth shall shew forth thy praise. (KJV)

Ps 63:5 My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness; and my mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips: (KJV)

Ps 103:5 Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's. (KJV)

I do not want to ever again mock or deny anything God longs to do to and thru His precious people. May God grant each of us grace to open our hearts to anything He wants to do. Remember the promise "Our eyes have not seen neither has our ears heard all the things God has prepared for those who love HIM. Let’s get ready to let the Spirit of God show us more and more. Jesus said " said I not unto you; that if you would believe you would see the glory of God. (John 11:40).






Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999


Baltimore--The visitation of God, in Baltimore, now into the second year, continues to be characterized by a strong overwhelming sense of the presence of God. Tonight I am in the audio booth and sometimes there can be many distractions running a mixing board. The touch of God is very strong and it seems that the brush of angels passing by is very evident. There are more visitors tonight than usual and they seem to be drawn in by the Spirit of God as people kept walking in all evening long.

A woman named Silvania Machado from Uberlandia, Brazil gave an awesome testimony of healing. Silvania said through an interpreter, "It is a privilege to share the great healing God has given to me, that is what I want to share with you." She spoke about a horrible illness that she had for 12 years.

Here is a partial list of her illness. She lost most of her immune system, left side paralyzed, knee full of infection, bone fractures, bleeding gums, leukemia, liver cancer, bile excreted through pores of skin that stained everything she touched, digestive hemorrhages, skin would shed. Silvania said, "we spent everything we had on doctors, medicine and trips to the hospital." A friend invited Sylvania to church and the pastor challenged her to give Jesus 30 days for healing. Soon she had a new spleen, a new liver, new blood, new life, her family restored and they now live to work for Jesus.

As she gives this testimony of healing she is overwhelmed with the glory and presence and goodness of God. As this woman from Brazil testifies to the healing power of God, in the atmosphere of the presence of God, a fragrant oil flows from her hands and gold and silver dust comes from her skin. Where once her body was excreting liquid that repelled people through her pores, now God releases a fragrant oil and gold as a sign of His power to restore and heal. Sylvania is very humble about this manifestation and guards this sovereign act of God as holy and not a spectacle. She's just a simple housewife that God raised up from death unto life. God has chosen to manifest Himself through her in unusual ways. Healing and miracles often occur as a result of her prayers.

As she gave her testimony of healing you could see that her face and hands began to change to a gold color and sometimes a silver color. The gold dust would glitter in the theater lighting. During the altar call she prayed for most everyone in the church. As I look around at the end of the service I see oil has been anointed on many foreheads. There is the glitter of gold and silver dust upon many faces and upon many shirts that have come from Sylvania's hands. After service the children have collected gold dust from the podium area. Others have collected gold dust in their bibles, enough to fill and overflow a mans hand.

I am an eyewitness and I saw these things. It is a sign to make you wonder. I give this simple report and say the half has not been told concerning all that God has done. If you retell this story, please emphasize the God who heals and not any manifestation.

Resting in His presence....David T. Jehl

Rock City Church

1607 Cromwell Bridge Rd.

Baltimore, Md. 21234, 410-882-2217

Baltimore Rock Church



Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999



I might have some answer for this. I have not yet seen this "sparkles" or "precious stones" as some other called them, however I have received some reports from some churches in my country (As you know I am from Argentina and besides having been classmates and friends with Sergio since Bible School, I also had the privilege of being "imparted" by his laying hands on me before I came as a missionary to the USA). Back to the sparkles, I said I have had some reports about something like tiny precious stones or golden powder is seen coming down in some churches during ministry time. Sometimes it is seen in the whole building and some other times only on some persons. I do not know what it means and nobody has so far come up with an explanation of the "phenomena".

I would risk an explanation that comes to my mind: could it be possible that it is not gems or gold but it is simply the oil of the Holy Spirit that simply becomes visible and we see it glistening through light? Sometimes I have felt myself the oil in my hands when I was ministering; I could feel that oil or sense it in my hands but I never saw it.

I felt it all over my body while Sergio prayed for me in the opportunity I mentioned, he called about 12 people of his assistants to the platform and he along with those people prayed for me. I did not want to be standing because the presence of God was so strong that I felt the need to fall prostrate but I couldn't because Sergio and his assistants were all holding me. To be short, all of a sudden something happened and I felt my body like oily; at that moment I literally "escaped" from the people that were holding me because I slid down, they felt the oil in their hands and could not hold me anymore! After that I couldn't be standing for several hours. Whenever I wanted to move I had to depend on some other people to carry me around.

So maybe the "gems" are just droplets of glistening oil from the Holy Spirit!

I do not want to go too long. May God anoint you all greatly! Bless you in His Name

Pastor J. Conrad Lampan





Date: 2/16/99

From: (G. Conolly)

Last summer Elias Antonas, was doing a series of renewal meetings in Delta, B.C. Canada and the same thing happened there. Not only gold flecks, but even gold teeth were suddenly appearing in peoples mouths. One woman I met told me of the smell of burning, like the smell when a dentist drills out a cavity, and she began to salivate. When she went to the washroom mirror to see what was happening she had 4 gold teeth. Another woman who was in our church showed my husband and I two gold crowns. These were all the most brilliant gold I've ever seen. I witnessed 14 people with new gold fillings the one night we were able to attend, and there were testimonies of tiny gold flecks even floating about in the air when the Glory of God would manifest. What an awesome God!

At 10:52 02/16/99 -0700, you wrote:

Feb. 16, 1999

Over the Christmas holidays I was at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. During the testimony time a lady gave a testimony about gold flecks appearing on her hands. This had been to others that she new, I forget where she was from. The image that came to my mind when I heard this was the refiner's fire - like the song and in the process gold is separated from the ore.

Robert Gadziola

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Bill Meyer writes:

While the service at the Rock Church was going on, Tommy Tenny and Sergio came onto the platform. I heard the folk in back of me talking about "it" being all over him, and they where quite stirred up. Then I realized that they were talking about "sparkles" that were shining on Tommy's face, then on his coat, then on his pants legs. I noticed it myself. I also noticed the "sparkles" on Sergio as he was preaching. Has anyone heard of this or was I tired from the drive?

I have friends from Bulgaria, Valentin and Vania Doutsov, who were recently visiting in the US. They were ministering in some churches in Georgia and this happened to them. They said when God started moving, within about a minute there were little gold flecks about 1 or 2 millimeters (1/16-1/8 inch) all over the floor in the church, on Valentin's hand and on the faces of some people for whom they prayed. They saw it first in a church in Brunswick, GA, then three other times in other churches.




Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999

From: (Lani Langlais)

VCFSF sister Jeanne Wallace and I were eyewitnesses of gold sparkles on Tommy Tenney's face Saturday morning, November 7, 1998, as he preached at Harvest Rock's prophetic/apostolic conference in Pasadena, California.

I was so astonished that I tucked this experience in my heart and haven't mentioned it publicly until now!

We saw gold sparkles only on Tommy Tenney's face while we were up front near Mott's platform where several ministers were standing. We could not observe this manifestation from the distance of where we sat many rows back in the auditorium.

Never knew we could wear His love like Heaven!

LORD, You are

more precious than silver

LORD, You are

more costly than gold \o/

To GOD Be ALL the GLORY and also all the attention and affection of our hearts ...

Marveling in wonderment,

Your loving San Francisco sister in Christ,

Lani Langlais <>



Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999

From: John DiLullo <>

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick note regarding seeing "sparkles." This past weekend I went to a retreat with a Catholic priest (Fr. Tom DiLorenzo) who is "in the River" here in Massachusetts. I don't know if there were any other non-Catholic folks there or not but the fellowship with the Lord and each other was sweet! Some incredible worship. Each time we gathered worship went for about an hour. I never thought I would see a Catholic priest (and others) dance before the Lord like they did :)

But, getting to the point, on the last night of the retreat "sparkles" started coming on the people during the worship service. One woman showed me her hand and there were several flakes of gold on there. Some folks also had oil appear on their hands or foreheads. Fr. Tom shared that he believes these are manifestations of the glory of God being present.

I don't have any problem with believing that. I think that we will be seeing these (and other) simple tokens of the Lord's presence as we continue to worship him. Like I heard this weekend: "Stay in the River" :)





Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1999

From: "abergsma" <>

On Wednesday of the Intercession Conference at TACF, I decided to check it out on the Internet. Well hours later I was still watching it and praising God for His marvelous works.

On Friday, I went down to TACF and there were so many healings. The Lord healed my shoulder of constant pain that night. There were also more testimonies about the gold teeth. The biggest testimony was that the teeth was changing right in front of there eyes!!!

How awesome it is that the Lord would give us something so precious (sp?) to show us how much he loves us.

ROOT'N for God,

Anita <>{



Date:  3/7/99

From: (Andy & Kathy Mauer)

I just returned from the wonderful Intercessors Conference up at TACF and all I can say is "You shoulda been there!!" :) (Don't you hate it when people say that?)

Wednesday night, before Dutch Sheets delivered a powerfully anointed message, there was a short video clip shown of John Arnott ministering in a South Africa meeting where people's teeth were being filled with gold. After the clip, John asked for anyone who wanted this miracle to stand and believe for it while touching the sides of their faces. After the prayer he asked that we check each others' mouths and about 10 people went forward, some yelling and all excited because they now had gold teeth and fillings which they did not previously have! What an absolute thrill to be there and to see this happening.

So John let a couple testify and we prayed again....this time more people received the miracle. A third time of praying came as did more miracles!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! Then, at just about every meeting there was prayer for this miracle and every time there would be many who would discover their mouth filled with gold! Last count that I heard was over 198 people who were leaving the conference with some gold in their mouths! This particular manifestation never occurred at TACF before! COOL! I didn't personally receive this miracle (YET), however I had the privilege of peering into many, many mouths...what a sight!

One woman who had been on welfare most of her childhood had 8 new gold teeth! Another woman had 4 gold teeth &/or fillings on Wednesday and by Saturday she had 11!! (I saw her at both stages of this miracle) One man had two beautiful, perfect, shiny, gold teeth and one of them had a cross engraved on it! I know this sounds impossible to believe, but I saw it with my own eyes! On Friday many people were granted the privilege by the Lord of actually watching the transformation happening including one medical doctor who confessed he'd never seen anything like it before.

The drummer of the worship team received gold teeth as did one of the pastors on staff there at TACF and while officially collecting these testimonies from the saints, the man who was recording them received gold teeth as well! Isn't that amazing?? What an awesome God we serve!!! In addition to this miracle there were other wonderful healings of chronic, sever back disorders and cysts being removed. And on Saturday...the wonderful "gold dust" started showing up on people's hands and in their tears as they worshipped! You might want to check out their website where there are actually pics of the teeth!(or "Tooth Pics!" :) (

Bless you all!




Subj: Friday Fax 1999 #9

Date: 3/5/99 5:27:16 AM Pacific Standard Time

DAWN FRIDAYFAX - a weekly positive news service about what God is doing around the world for those who need up to date insights. The DAWN (Discipling A Whole Nation) movement is a global Christian research and strategy network to further saturation church planting movements.

Friday Fax 1999 Issue 9, 5 March

Gold dust on hands and faces

In Goiania, they have recently been experiencing a peculiar phenomenon (also reported to be occurring in Switzerland, Israel and South Africa): following prayer, the women often have a fine, clearly visible gold dust on their faces and hands. Initially astonished, the collected some of the dust and took it to a local jeweler, who declared it to be the purest gold he had ever seen. The intercessors see this as an inexplicable manifestation of the Biblical phenomena in which some people, such as Moses, had "radiant faces" after meeting God. They warn against an emphasis on external phenomena: "Jesus alone suffices!" A large intercession conference will take place in July 1999 in Goiania, during which 50,000 people are expected to attend a night of prayer in the local stadium.



Date: 3/10/99


I have never had this happen before, and was not going to share this here on this list or forum, but the Lord keep prompting me to do it. On Sunday morning Feb. 28th at Lambertville Christian Fellowship during the worship as most Sundays the prophetic word came forth. God had something different for us this day. One of prophets had a prophetic word about receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit through impartation, by the laying on of hands. I had just been reading in Romans 1:11 AMP "For I am yearning to see you, that I may impart and share with you some spiritual gift to strengthen and establish you ..."

So I open my Bible to Romans 1:11 to read it to the people and to speak a prophetic word after reading the verse. As I pointed to the verse notice a flake of gold on my finger as I look at the page there was gold dust all over the page. I did not know what to say I just said God is doing something here to day there is gold dust all over this Bible and if you do not believe it come up here and look.

About 7 people came to look. Then I gave the word that the people were come and have hands laid on them for the impartation of spiritual gifts, for God was calling us to step in to His river to move in the calling He has for you, and that your to stir up that which He is going to give this very hour.

Two more prophetic words came, the front of the church was fill up with people the four of us that walk in the prophets office laid hands on these people and called forth the gift that God had for each person. Now I believe we must use what God gives us. One women that I pray for, and the impartation of the gifts of healing was given her, I told her that she was to pray for people that need a healing. She said that she did not know

if she had enough faith to do it. I said if faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain, just think what your faith can do even if it is smaller. So to the mike we went call for those who need healing many came I pray for her that her faith would be increased while she prayed that God would heal the people. Many were healed, her faith was increased and many saw the power of God at work. Maybe it took the manifestation of the gold to show that God will show His self to those who hunger after Him and truly want more of Him to do the work of gospel. That was a great service Idid not preach that morning.

Fred Kelly



Date: 3/9/99

From: (Steve Voros)


Last summer I went to an old-time Pentecostal camp in Virginia ( I am from Vancouver, Canada). There I saw a video of a lady from South America who has "gold" and "oil" that flows from her head during worship. I have now heard that this is happening to a brother in Georgia. Not only are we receiving these visions of "gold" in the Spirit but it is beginning to manifest in the natural realm. God is amazing!

In Jesus,

Janice Voros



Date: 3/10/99


By the end of the conference there were about 200 people who received gold in their mouths - and the rest of us got gold in our hearts:) It was awesome, and God continues to talk to me about the things I heard there. The revival has definitely NOT subsided at TACF.

I took my whole home fellowship group (9 intercessor ladies). Two had never been before and are new to our group and to intercession. And one lady got so drunk we had to carry her out to the car and into the hotel....the other got the Joy of the Lord, which was what she was desiring. I myself got majorly touched and was on my face for hours being ministered to by the HS. The Lord told me He was going to bring home my seed....all the seed that I had planted in intercession and all the seed that He was yet to plant in my womb by His spirit. Awesome!

The "gold" in the teaching there will be dug out for many months. And out hearts were set afire for God to save Canada. David Damion told us of a word he received from the Lord last fall. God told him that if the intercessors would cry out to Him for Canada, then He would give them a "spanking" instead of the severe judgment He had planned, and David said we have till Oct/99 to do this.

He said that God desires the Canadian people to repent for their treatment of the Jews during WW2. Apparently there was a ship (the St. Louis) that came to North America loaded with Jewish people trying to escape Hitler. They sailed to Cuba, but Cuba wouldn't take them, South America wouldn't take them, and the USA wouldn't take them. Canada was their last hope. They begged us to at least take the children (about 1,000) but Canada wouldn’t. So they died on that ship. I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!!! God forgive us! I wept and wailed, as did the other about 4-5,000 people at TACF.

Also, for those who were disappointed about the WALL being built. I encourage you to email TACF and tell them how you feel. I am sure they have a good reason for the wall, and I bet they have plans to make another space for the dancers. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Wall or no wall, the Holy Spirit is still pouring out to folks who have hungry hearts at TACF.

I am already making plans to return for the Freedom conference in May. Thank You, Lord for making my home only 120 miles from Toronto!!!! YOU, LORD are the GOLD in them thar hills!!!!!

Lorraine Robicheau

London, Ontario Canada



Date: 3/9/99

From: "greaterlife" <>


Just say Ho!

It seems at least one member of every group that went to Toronto for the Intercessors Meeting went home with gold teeth..

Ours was a Women named Sylvia ..

Sylvia is in her sixties and he husband is a retired NASA space engineer. Sylvia has been showing everyone her two new gold teeth. Even her dentist! Who pulled Sylvia's file and is giving her copies to show her friend's to prove that according to her record ..Sylvia only has the regular " silver" fillings!


In sharing with others, Sylvia just tells them it is the love of JESUS for them that HE has filled her teeth with gold. In heaven it is paving material!


Date: 4/6/99

From: (GreaterLife)

What a JESUS we serve. HE is so wonderful..exceedingly abundantly. Easter Morning was a constant flow of testimonies to the GLORY of GOD.  A constant flow of changed lives. Healings of bodies and soul; and GOLD teeth. Seems to me like the teeth for some is just the evidence that the GLORY has been with us..

For others they are in need of dental work and it is healing; but besides removing the old fillings and most that have turned to gold and silver are 20 to 30 years or more old it is to us a "sign and wonder" of HIS GLORY.

The drunkenness and joy are off the scale. One of our young adults was recently pulled over by the police .. he was driving slow and had a tag light out. The policeman was quit aggressive and as he drilled the young man for information .. the full of GOD.. drunken driver ..just kept telling the policeman that he need not be afraid. What a scene it must have been. Finally the policeman let him go ..commenting on the way the whole thing felt so different.

There have been constant healings and deliverance's.. daily. From depression and diseases. JESUS is on a mission to make HIS BODY HIS BRIDE Whole! and He is doing it by getting their attention through the teeth.

Last night (Mon.) a group of Messianic Believer friends of our were on their way over to the service. It is a good 2 hour drive. One of the members of their church had heard of the "teeth" and come the night before. When she got up in the morning her mouth (that needed lots of work) was now full of GOD's blessings. Gold teeth.

SO as they were on their way over the miracle power of GOD broke loose in the van. They arrived in the GLORY! GOLD TEETH AND ALL!

The most amazing miracle yesterday to me was and E-mail. One of our home school mothers has friends on the Internet in her home school group that she has been faithfully declaring the wonders of GOD's GLORY to. At first there was no response. People were taken aback. Then yesterday she receives and e-mail from one of them. The woman was in need of dental work..2 crowns and a split tooth that needed work. Yep you got it! She very simply laid hands on herself and ask JESUS to do what HE was doing at Greater Life and she knew it had been done. Went to the mirror and in her mouth were on two beautiful gold teeth and no split. She yelled out for her husband who grabbed a flashlight and was soon rejoicing with her. This is not about places or people ..but about the wonderful GLORIES of Our Wonderful JESUS!! HE IS LORD AND LOVES US ALL SO MUCH! HIS Best Be Yours!

"Jump in GOD's River! .. the Water is Fine!"

Pastors Jeff + Kathy Good

Greater Life Church

Oviedo, Florida USA


Sent: Monday, April 05, 1999

You're not going to believe this!!!  I read your post about your husband and the things happening in your church. I had 2 teeth  with old gray/black fillings that were loose and there was a slight crack in one of them. They had started to hurt and I have an appointment later this month to have them crowned, but I've been real apprehensive about it. After reading your post I prayed and asked the Lord to do the dental work for me. After I prayed I went and looked in the mirror and guess what?!!!


I ran in and told Mike and he grabbed the flash light to get a better look, then he had me go outside to look in the natural light... yep they're gold all right!  God is so good!




Date: 3/9/99

From: "Ken Lawson" <>



TORONTO--I just confirmation from one of the staff at TACF. During last week ’s Intercession conference, several believers received creative miracles on their teeth. A direct quote from a TACF staff member, " I have never seen such an outrageous manifestation of the Father's love".

After the meeting Pastor John Arnott asked if mouths could be examined. Ten or so people went forward, some yelling and all excited because they now had gold teeth and fillings, which they did not previously have.

I just returned from the Pensacola Revival to witness and experience the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. During my time there, I felt in my heart the Holy Spirit is about to new things, I only thought of the Pensacola Revival. I can see now, my vision is too small for a BIG GOD. While I don’t want to be a gold seeking Christian, I love to see our Father pour out his mercy and love in ways that blows my theology out the door or should I say mouth!

Like someone said, "I don’t know about being a man of God, but I do know the great God of man."

Live from my office, Lexington, Kentucky.

Ken Lawson



Date: 3/9/99


The gold teeth were something else. John Arnott was like a little kid. He knew God was doing something with this so he kept it up. Each time we had a session we prayed while holding our faces and asked God to give us gold in our mouths. People would discover they got a tooth or more and they would have all their friends looking in their mouth and they would run up to the platform to show John who was making sure that the camera was getting right in there so everyone could see, even those watching on the internet because John knew that there would be skeptics. The atmosphere was charged with expectancy because we saw the teeth with our own eyes and we knew it was real. People were carrying flashlights and mirrors to be able to look for the gold.

As Joan said,(hi Joan :)) we got gold flecks on the way home on Sunday. I had them all over my face. I couldn't see them until I went outside in the bright sunlight with a mirror and then I saw them all over my face. They were beautiful! I sparkled all the way home. I had them on my hands too. God is so good. I need this encouragement right now. :)

Carol Andersen of Massachusetts



Date: 3/10/99

From: (Jeffrey Cherry)

Hello. I have kept silent on here until now. I just had to email you and tell you about how the gold flakes came to our church. It was last year during a revival that we had. We went into our Pastor's house (which is connected to our church) to visit with the man that was there doing our revival and we were all sitting around the kitchen table. He started noticing that there was gold flakes all over the tablecloth!!! We tried washing it off, but, it wouldn't come off!! Not only was it on the tablecloth, but, it started on the palms of our hands. This went on for days. It was so awesome to see God manifest like that!!! One of the elderly ladies even had it on her face. I just love how God shows us how much He truly desires to show Himself to us!! Lord bless!!!

In His Love,

Tina Cherry



Date: 3/10/99

From: (Buder)

When I attended the Intercession Conference at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship there was also gold dust falling on many peoples hands. It also appeared on some people hair. John Arnott was also speaking to us (a crowd of 3,000- 4000) about the Gold fillings, crowns & crosses that were appearing on people of South Africa when he prayed for them at a Conference there. He asked if we, the Intercession Conference, wanted to see if God would bless us the same. So we all stood and about 15 people got the gold in their mouths. The next night he asked us if we wanted to try again, then he prayed and the next count was about 50. This went on each night at the

conference and on Sunday a.m. there were 198 people who received gold in their mouths. Isn't God incredible!!!!

Thought you might like to know,

Blessings to all,




Date: 3/10/99

From: (Loyal Lovelady)

Hello everyone!

At a Worship and Warfare conference in Jacksonville, Fl this last January there was Gold Dust spotted in the Gym. We were separated in two different rooms so I was not in this gym at this time, but this is what my friend wrote me.

"Did I tell you about the Gold Dust that was seen in the gym. The day our color was in the gym I wanted to find a piece of this Gold Dust. When I looked on the floor all I could see was glitter. I even picked the glitter up and looked closely and knew it was glitter. As I was standing next to my chair a little piece of glitter, at least that's what I thought it was, kept getting my attention until I finally picked it up on the end of my pointer finger. It was so tiny I really couldn't make out whether it was glitter or gold dust. Then the Holy Spirit had me put the gold glitter on my mirror. I examined the glitter (at least that's what I thought until I examined it) this morning with a magnifying glass and I saw the snowflake design and got so excited. I'VE GOT A PIECE OF THE FATHER'S THRONE!!!!! We've all examined it and everyone sees the same thing."

Sandy well here is a little more confirmation on the Gold Dust. Apparently a lot of people were seeing this gold dust as they were in worship to our Lord!

In His Love and Care!

Susan J. Lovelady





Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999

I have to join in with all of you talking about the gold! Ruth Heflin was at a church near us last week and while she was preaching, gold flakes started appearing on her face, neck and dress!! It was awesome!! During the end of the service she had everyone come down for prayer and I saw several people with gold flakes on their faces. When Ruth came up to me to lay hands on me I could see the gold all over her face and neck. The next day I was talking to a friend about the gold flakes and I was saying some people had it in the palm of their hands and I looked down and there were several flakes on the palm of my hand!! God is so awesome!!! Just as Ruth Heflin would sing - It's His Glory, Glory, Glory!!!!!



Date: 4/1/99


California is turning Golden

From Orangevale, CA:

It has been 150 Years since that first cry of 'There's Gold in Sacramento' but on March 24, 1999; we heard the cry again. This time it was a different kind of gold, discovered in a totally different way. If I hadn't been there I might have doubted it, even after hearing reports of it happening elsewhere. Family Christian Center Marc Dupont, a prophetic voice in the church today, returned for services at Family Christian Center, Orangevale Ca. This time his message was a little different than before. His message was a message of healing; of signs and wonders. Those that know me or have read any of my previous articles know that this peaked my interest and brought excitement to my Spirit.

Mark talked of healing being in the very 'nature of God'. It is the 'children's bread'. He related stories of healing that were taking place in the places he had been to recently. There were times of being put on the spot for a healing with people's souls being at stake if the healing didn't take place.

After he related stories of gold fillings appearing in people's mouths he asked for people who needed prayer for teeth problems. There had to be over 30 people that came forward. He asked for the ministry team to pray for those that came forward. He asked for the prayer team to look into people's mouth in order to identify teeth that were already gold or silver. After making that observation; start praying. Then we heard it; "Look here! There's Gold where there was once a broken tooth." There were two people immediately who received Gold fillings. Yes, there is Gold being discovered once again in Sacramento.

Other people were called forward for prayer for their back or knees. God poured out His healing on many of these as well. God wants to heal and is healing. It is all a part of who He is and what He wants to do among and through each of us.

River City Revival service The discoveries continued Thursday, March 25, at The River City Revival Service. Those that experienced a healing the night before shared of what God did. We even had a surprise Testimony from Pastor Rich Oliver. He held back sharing with anyone until he confirmed it with his dentist. On the left side of his mouth God replaced a cap with a beautiful gold crown. (The video of this is worth seeing; as Rich opened his mouth to show the gold off, the light caused it to 'twinkle'. Hollywood couldn't have planned that one.)

After hearing these testimonies the atmosphere was charged with expectancy. People were not just expecting a healing; they were expecting a chance to meet with God. There was a hunger for the presence and Glory of God as the altars were filled. We are waiting for the reports of healings.

Foothill Community Church - From Roseville, CA

Marc went to Foothill Community Church in Roseville for their Friday Night Service. He shared a similar message with them as in Orangevale. It's been reported that one Lady there received two gold fillings at the service. The next day she was sharing with someone what happened. She was showing the new teeth when it was discovered that a third tooth had been filled with gold over night.

From Redding, CA

Saturday Night Prayer

At Saturday prayer; Family Christian Center, Connie who had received two gold teeth on Wednesday was sharing about the experience with Jan who had not been to the services. Her faith was encouraged by the story. Jan that night received a gold filling.

Bethel Church, Redding Sunday night was an amazing night at Bethel Church in Redding. Pastor Oliver went there to minister. Worship and intercession was woven together for the first 2 hours. We had about an hour to pray for the sick - 4 tumors or cysts gone, 4 gold crowns, and about 15 other miracles of healing. Sunday was also

a day when we received reports from a previous Sunday when bladder cancer was healed, as was a tumor in the chest cavity. Rich Oliver finally got the pulpit around 9 pm (we start at 6pm) and he did a great job for us! Bethel has witnessed around 1500 miracles of healing in the past 10 months.

Pastor Bill Johnson writes

Fellow Pastors,

The miracles not only continue in Redding, they seem to be increasing. This Sunday alone we had 4 tumors or cysts disappear during the service. We also had confirmed reports on healings from a previous week -one had bladder cancer and the other had a tumor in the chest cavity - both gone! Last Sunday night we had a man, 35 years of age, who was deaf in one ear since he was 17. He no longer had an eardrum and was told he would never hear again. When he was baptized in water his ear start ringing. Some men began to pray for him and he was completely healed. Those are just a few of the many miracles we witnessed this weekend.

I write this to encourage people to give God a chance to heal. He is so hungry to touch people with His love, if we'll just give Him a chance. Gold dust has been appearing on people's faces and hands for a few months now. But Sunday night was the first time we've had God put gold crowns on teeth. We had 4 crowns that I know of so far from that one meeting. The question was asked, "Why would God do that?" One elderly woman put it differently, "Why wouldn't God do that?" I liked her question better. Especially since I really understand so little of why He does what He does.


Bill Johnson

Bethel Church, Redding, CA

From Fresno, CA

On Wednesday night, the first evening of The Father's House Easter conference, The Cross and His Presence, Pastor Brad Davis reported that the fellowship had four people get either gold teeth or gold fillings. Each of them is in the process of getting confirmation from dental Records.

There is Gold being discovered in California again. But it is in the mouths of people. It is also the gold of the Fathers heart, and the Gold of Healings. My prayer is "More Lord!" "Use us to spread that Gold around to all that are in need because of sickness and disease."

Don Quattlebum

Senior Associate

Family Christian Center, Orangevale



Date: 3/31/99


Could Gold Teeth Be A Sign

This Sunday March 28, 1999 at Ascension Ministries Church I heard one of the most pure words on the Lords Passover and how Jesus is the Passover Lamb. We were taught how this is one of the commanded feasts of the Lord. (Lev 23) This was not just for the Jews but it was for all those who call Jesus Lord. The Passover was an appointed time of the Lord. The reason that I mention this is because I believe that there is a connection with what happened next.

After the teaching, people were just hanging out in the sanctuary and talking. The conversation came up with the worship leader about how she had gotten her teeth filled with gold at a church in Colorado Springs. The question came up could God do it here AMC in Ft. Collins, CO. The worship leader prayed for one person and her fillings started to turn gold. Than all that were there about 6 started looking in there mouths and they too were receiving gold fillings. This was after I had left and gone home. I

received a call later that day that several had received gold fillings in their mouths. Bummer, I left too soon. Oh well, Praise the Lord for this manifestation to happen in Ft. Collins, CO. But God if you want you can do it here in my house. You are the one who gives this miracle and you live in me.

A moment later I asked my wife, sitting nearby if I had gold in my mouth. She looked, squinted, then moved closer, grabbed my jaw and stared. She saw 2 small spots of gold and as she stared they spread before her eyes! She called our boys and they all stared as the gold spread over all the silver fillings in my mouth. A silver crown was now covered totally in gold! Really! I have eaten since and brushed my teeth and the gold is still there! I can't wait for my dentist appointment on Tuesday; he just saw me last week.

How great of God to do this work in my home! I just had to ask instead of mope that I missed it.

I know that lately there has been a lot said about this phenomenon. But I wanted to share what I believe the Lord showed me in Regards to my experience. Maybe it will be a blessing to you or you might have conformation in the Spirit.

Asking God why gold in teeth: I received this answer the next morning. I started to look up all the scriptures that mentioned gold. As I was reading what the word says about gold I was drawn to 2 chron. 3:4. I started reading of how the inside of the temple was overlaid with pure gold. Gold speaks of purity. He is purifying the body of Christ. The temple that Solomon built was to be the place where God dwelt. He now dwells in us we are His temple and He is purifying His temple. Could it be that this is an outward manifestation of the beginning of the purifying of the Bride? Everything that was man made in my mouth is now covered in gold even the backside of my bridge. The very opening, if you will to the temple of God shows His glory. Hag 2:6-9 verse 8 says the silver is His and the gold is His. Verse 9 speaks of the latter temple being greater than the former. We are the temples of the Holy Spirit.

My observations:

1. The first time I hear about gold in the mouth was in Toronto at The Intercessors conference. Maybe the Lord is saying prayer is where you will receive the real gold or riches. PRAYER 2. The message of the Passover Lamb-"That the lamb that was slain would receive His reward for the suffering." This happened outside the four walls of the building (church.) EVANGELISM

Just a Carpenter

Jeff Ryan

Ascension Ministries

Ft. Collins, CO



Date: 3/31/99

From: (Bill Johnson)

The miracles not only continue in Redding, they seem to be increasing. This Sunday alone we had 4 tumors or cysts disappear during the service. We also had confirmed reports on healings from a previous week - one had bladder cancer and the other had a tumor in the chest cavity - both gone! Last Sunday night we had a man, 35 years of age, who was deaf in one ear since he was 17. He no longer had an ear drum and was told he would never hear again. When he was baptized in water his ear started ringing.

Some men began to pray for him and he was completely healed. Those are just a few of the many miracles we witnessed this weekend.

I write this to encourage people to give God a chance to heal. He is so hungry to touch people with His love, if we'll just give Him a chance.

Gold dust has been appearing on people's faces and hands for a few months now. But Sunday night was the first time we've had God put gold crowns on teeth. We had 4 crowns that I know of so far from that one meeting. The question was asked, "Why would God do that?" One elderly woman put it differently, "Why wouldn't God do that?" I liked her question better. Especially since I really understand so little of why He does what He does.

Randy Clark is coming to Redding April 19th - 27th. Nine days of miracle services and evangelistic meetings. He was a great blessing to us last year. We received a greater anointing for healing during his meetings with us. Having recently traveled with Randy to Argentina and Brazil I can say that God is increasing even Randy's portion. I for one am hungry for more.


Bill Johnson

Bethel Church, Redding, CA



Date: 3/29/99

From: (Douglass W. Birch)

Teeth of Gold have arrived at Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California.

Pastor Che Ahn returned to his home church in Pasadena this week, after ministry in Tennessee and elsewhere. This Sunday morning he told us how John Arnott had called him up after God began giving people gold teeth in Toronto. Pastor Arnott communicated his enthusiasm to Che and, of course, Che asked him to pray for Che to receive some gold teeth, as Che was in need of dental work (Che told us he "?has lots of cavities!"). John did and Che received 4 fillings made from a silver material, not gold, but also he received the anointing to pray for others to receive teeth too. That led to the reports on New-Wine last week of people receiving gold teeth.

So, after the normal call for people wishing to receive Christ (about 10 came forward), He prayed for people to receive gold crowns and fillings. At least 3 people came forward to have their mouths inspected by Che and they had received gold crowns and fillings, some in the share of crosses.

I hope to get a peek into Pastor Che's mouth soon. I bet we hear more about this and, perhaps, a greater healing anointing in general.

God Bless,

Doug Birch



Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999

From: (Ian Turton)

We have been hearing about what God has been doing overseas filling peoples teeth with gold, silver & platinum even braces turning to gold.

At River Christian Church in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia we have been believing the Lord for miracles, signs & wonders like we have never seen before for a while now. He led us into a time of intense warfare for a few months & then began to put on our hearts the real desire to see the miracles happen & that souls would be added because of what He is doing like in Acts 4 where the disciples asked the Lord to give them boldness to preach the gospel by stretching forth His healing power & that signs & wonders be done in the name of Jesus.

Last Sunday night (14th March 1999) we asked all present to lay hands on their mouths & we prayed that the Lord would fill the teeth with gold. By Monday night we were amazed as we actually saw fillings change into gold before our eyes. Personally gold fillings appeared in my mouth, my wife also & others are getting blown away by their fillings changing before their eyes. God is awesome.

We are holding miracle meetings Wednesday's & Friday's at 7pm at the Church building 71 Letitia St Hobart (Old Hobart College) for anyone that wants to come & see God's handy work.

Any sick people come & believe for the Lords healing. We are believing for more miracles. Bring the unsaved as this is the time God is doing the impossible & the unusual.

Update Thursday 18th March 1999

Our God is awesome. Further 'wonders' that we need to investigate further are the appearance of very shinny silver fillings in some peoples mouths (look like molten silver) as well as the gold. Here are a few photo's of some of the teeth.

Why would God fill peoples teeth with gold? What is the purpose, the reason? These questions I have been hearing from a number of people here in the midst of the miracles at River Christian Church, & also reports I have read from Toronto. It sounds very much like when the 'move of the Spirit' started a few years ago. 'why do people laugh'? what's the purpose of people getting drunk in the Spirit? What does it all mean?

The Lord has been speaking powerfully to me over this last week & I believe the reason for Australia is to wake us up out of our slumber, complacency & apathy & begin to have active faith in God again. Perhaps it is a sign and a wonder to expose the skepticism still in so many of us.

This nation must move into a higher level of faith. As Claudio Friedson from Argentina

said at Cath the Fire (Adelaide). This nation must move to a different address in the

realm of the spirit

We as Australians need to start believing differently. Expecting differently, doing things differently. God is not going to do it the same way as in the past. He is doing something different.

This generation, this nation is about to enter a dimension where the Holy Spirit will work like never before.

Someone has recently said that the revival here in Australia is going to be different to Toronto, Pensacola, Argentina etc. And I am wondering if it is going to be a revival of

active faith as God performs the miracles, signs & wonders to a Nation that needs waking as we share the gospel with boldness.

I am waiting for the Lord to do something like never before.

Faith in this Nation is going to soar rapidly.

Something is about to ignite here. That's why there is so much pressure, so much warfare, the Church is going to catch fire.

God is about to do something when He calls His people to prayer, fasting, repentance.

1 Kin. 18:41 through 1 Kin. 18:46 (NCV) 41 Then Elijah said to Ahab, "Now, go, eat, and drink, because a heavy rain is coming." 42 So King Ahab went to eat and drink. At the same time Elijah climbed to the top of Mount Carmel, where he bent down to the ground with his head between his knees. 43 Then Elijah said to his servant, "Go and look toward the sea.

" The servant went and looked. "I see nothing," he said. Elijah told him to go and look again. This happened seven times. 44 The seventh time, the servant said, "I see a small cloud, the size of a human fist, coming from the sea." Elijah told the servant, "Go to Ahab and tell him to get his chariot ready and go home now. Otherwise, the rain will stop him." 45 After a short time the sky was covered with dark clouds. The wind began to blow, and soon a heavy rain began to fall. Ahab got in his chariot and started back to Jezreel. 46 The LORD gave his power to Elijah, who tightened his clothes around him and ran ahead of King Ahab all the way to Jezreel. God is calling you to a new stage of faith, a new level. There are moments in your life where you know you are entering a new dimension. Sometimes without even looking for it God brings us to that place of stretching. Faith is tested, exercised, stretched, expanded & increased.

Many times we just stop in a spiritual level & stay there. In a level that we know about, a level we are used to seeing & that we can relate to God with.

We have been at this spiritual level for a long time. God has spoken to you, you have known God, you have had beautiful times with God. But God is saying to you, look up -- there is more. God is wanting to move you to a new level of Faith. We need to breakthrough our comfort zones, step out of the boat & walk on water.

God is taking you & I to a place where He will fulfill the destiny for our lives.

God is taking Australia to a new stage where we have never been before.


Sunday 21st March 1999

This thing is not quite a week old for us here at 'River' but yesterday was our first Sunday since the gold started appearing in peoples mouths. It feels like we are sitting on a volcano waiting for it to explode, the anticipation and expectancy is great.

We have had one more report of a filling turning 'platinum' but the incredible thing is what all this is doing in people. Many testimonies of peoples lives completely changing, impacted by what the Lord is doing already in such a short space in time. One guy said he had great skepticism even after seeing a tooth change before his very eye's & God

used the next couple of day's to show him how unbelieving he had really become over the years. He then made a conscious decision to believe, consequently that completely changed him. We feel like the Church has been catapulted into a realm of faith that we weren't really expecting. Worship has gone through the roof & something has definitely changed in the spiritual atmosphere over Hobart. So it's not just about gold, the Lord is using this unusual thing to do what He always has intended for His people, an intimate close relationship.

Another thing that seems to have changed is that people are testifying of increased boldness in witnessing.

We are continuing to hold the extra Wednesday & Friday nights miracle meetings each

week to see what the Lord intends doing with all of this.

Anyone needing healing or a miracle come along. We are also seeing that the Lord is intending financial breakthrough for His people again testimonies were given along those lines.

Pastor Ian Turton.

River Christian Church,

PO box 775

Kingston (Hobart)



The Great Southland of the Holy Ghost



Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999


The following is an e-mail received today from John Sheasby, a minister who lives in Fort Worth, TX, but who is a former Baptist Pastor from South Africa. He led a 5 week revival at our Church in the summer of 1996. Our church went deeper than ever with the Lord. We have never got over that visitation of the Spirit. I believe  John to be a man deeply in love with Jesus and walks with the utmost spiritual integrity.

James Clinkscales

Lake Country Baptist Church

Fort Worth, TX


Dear precious friends,

GLORY! GLORY! We have been in SA for just two weeks and what glory we have seen! Hallelujah! Before coming to SA. God had been speaking to me about authority and I knew that He was telling me that it was not a big deal to speak into manifestation whatever He is doing in any part of the earth. He desires and delights to do it everywhere. James Clinkscales sent me e-mail of the gold fillings, gold dust, etc. So I was ready!

We ministered our first Sunday morning in Cape Town and then drove up to Mossel Bay (Four hours up the coast by Mercedes Benz 500 SL - HALLELUJAH! The favor of God expressed through Greg Dicey! - we have canceled our internal air tickets and enjoying low-flying around the country with the top down in the beautiful autumn weather here!). Sunday night at Mossel Bay Community Church was Holy Ghost party-time. I announced that God was going to fill teeth and he did! GLORY! He did not just fill teeth - beautiful crowns, bridges, etc. (Tom Cable, this is amazing - the crowns are so perfectly formed and shine with such a beautiful luster! A few people have been to their dentists and the dentists are amazed and cannot explain the phenomena!) One man from the church was out on an oil rig off the coast. He was coming off the rig after a two week sting on Tuesday and had a dentist appointment on Wednesday. When he heard what God was doing, he canceled his dentist appointment, choosing rather to trust God for a miracle! He got it! Came the next morning to the meeting sporting his Holy Ghost dental work!

The local newspaper had front page article last Friday with color pictures of the teeth. Pastor Allen du Plessis called me yesterday telling me that the whole town is in an uproar. The Anglican (Episcopal) Priest called him yesterday asking "How can I get this in my church?" It has started happening on the streets of the town. Allen tells me that the wave of glory is hitting churches in the surrounding towns. Hallelujah! A husband and wife couple who have gone through a very difficult financial time both received fillings Monday morning. They came to the pastor's house where we were staying to show us early that morning. That afternoon, their daughter had a car given to her. That night they had a R3,500 debt canceled! There are so many more amazing stories.

We then went on to Cape Town and started there Thursday morning in a more conservative church. Early going was hard until Friday night when a woman who had been in a wheelchair 15 years came out of the chair and walked as Bev ministered to her. As that happened, the gold dust started appearing on peoples hands and faces. One woman on the floor had oil flowing in her hands. By Sunday night, the place was bedlam! Chairs everywhere, people standing everywhere! What a glorious time! The previously cautious Pastor had been dramatically impacted.

We left Cape Town Monday morning and spent the night at Gariep Dam on the Orange River - a marvelous break and continued to Johannesburg Tuesday. Tuesday night we had an informal meeting with leadership from around the country who had come for the Pastors/Leaders conference. This week has been awesome! Last night the testimonies were awesome! Glory to God! Bev and I have been walking in an unusual anointing! Thank you Jesus! Gold dust is appearing on virtually everyone who comes for ministry. There are so many cases of Gold teeth. Many are being saved, baptized in the Holy Spirit, etc.! A young lady testified last night how the gold had been on her. Her unsaved father and backslidden mother were at first skeptical. But last night here mother came with her to church, the glory fell on her (gold dust on her hands) and in brokenness came back to the Father under a mighty visitation of power!

Bev is ministering this morning (Saturday). It was supposed to be a ladies' meeting but the men insisted that they should be allowed to be there. When I dropped her off, people were pouring in! I came back to send off this e-mail - we have so little time off between meetings! We end off here Sunday night and then drive to East London Monday. We are free till Friday night (Easter week-end) when we minister at a large youth camp.

We love you all and are missing our friends. We are weary in our physical bodies and will appreciate the time to rest next week. At the same time, we are so excited at what God is doing. Thank you, Lord! Please continue to pray for us.


John & Bev Sheasby

Fort Worth,



Date: 3/25/99

From: Dianne.D.Copley@Dartmouth.EDU (Dianne D. Copley)


Just saw the dream/vision re: the gold dust.

Have you seen the Silvania video yet?


A group of us from Vermont were down at meetings at Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle in Ashland, Virginia this last weekend, and 4 of us received dust on our hands. I came home Sunday night and on Monday morning my husband looked in the mirror to shave himself and he had gold dust on his face.


Dee Copley

Hartford, Vermont



Date: 3/21/99

From: (Roger Rayner)

Two women have shown gold fillings at The Life Centre (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Pastor Barry Boucher).

One woman was at the TACF Intercession Confession where she received a beautiful gold filling which she showed to the congregation.

The other woman was not at the conference, but heard about it. She was praying for a situation in her life, and asked God for a sign. Last Sunday morning at home, when brushing her teeth, she discovered gold fillings. At a subsequent home Bible study, another person apparently received gold fillings after receiving prayer.

At last Sunday night's service, several had "gold dust" on their hands, face or hair. I personally saw one woman who was just sparkling - there was no straining to see the glitter.

May God somehow use these signs to bring glory to Himself, shake believers out of unbelief, and shake unbelievers into belief.

Needless to say, people are taking special attention to brush their teeth before coming to services now, just in case there is a gold filling inspection! -)

May we do the same with our hearts!

Roger Rayner



Date: 3/22/99

From: (Clif Robertson)

Monday March 22, 1999

Last night at the Mission Foursquare Gospel church we had a Holy Spirit encounter. After worship and after some people having experiencing a mist and a dew Gold dust began to appear on evangelist Todd Bentleys hands. "Look, theres gold" he shouted. Soon others began to see gold on there hands and faces. It wasn't long and he began to pray for people who needed fillings. Seven people received Gold teeth last night. One lady was standing at the front and while waiting to be prayed for received five gold

teeth in a row. Not just filled, but buldging with Gold. People were being healed in there seats, others heard the instruments prophesy in an audible voice, over the two nights there were salvations and more healings. One lady who had a loss of hearing and as a result had lost her balance received a full restoration. Another lady riddled with arthritis was totally healed. The presence of God was awseome. We are in Revival ...... We were at Boston Pizza the night before after the meeting. We were drunk in the holy Spirit, some were laughing others were falling down and this guy who was working there was wondering if it was the laughter that he had heard about. We told him it was God, and then told him where the meetings were .... he showed up last night And saw first hand the glory of the Lord.

We have decided to go two more nights ..... Tonight and Tues night at 7:00. Bring the sick, those who are troubled by demons ...even the dead if you have them; bring the unsaved if you are in the area..... God is doing something at the Mission Foursquare Gospel Church ...... on Sylvester Rd. in Mission.





Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999

I have to join in with all of you talking about the gold! Ruth Heflin was at a church near us last week and while she was preaching, gold flakes started appearing on her face, neck and dress!! It was awesome!! During the end of the service she had everyone come down for prayer and I saw several people with gold flakes on their faces. When Ruth came up to me to lay hands on me I could see the gold all over her face and neck. The next day I was talking to a friend about the gold flakes and I was saying some people had it in the palm of their hands and I looked down and there were several flakes on the palm of my hand!! God is so awesome!!! Just as Ruth Heflin would sing - It's His Glory, Glory, Glory!!!!!



Date: 3/11/99

From: (Hazel Oliver)

Ruth ward Heflin was ministering here the other night. As she was speaking about the gold dust, it started appearing on her face. She said God is sending something that everyone can see so they will believe. She said someone took some of the gold dust to a lab to be examined. They said no man could have made this b/c if man made it, it would have cut edges, but this was rolled around the edges. as they took it apart, they

found it had one layer of gold and one layer of oil and another layer of gold.

Awesome God!!!!

His ways are right and true

His mouth




Date: 3/11/99

From: (Deller Maggie)

This is the second time I hear about this gold dust. About a month ago at a conference here in Switzerland a pastor of a church in the eastern region of our country shared how they had gold dust in their church, just falling from the sky (so to speak) and people finding it on their palms, in their Bibles. He shared this to show how glorious God is and that when He manifests, something really happens.

Isn't it great to know that God is doing the same thing no matter which country we are in?

Blessings to all,





Date: 2/17/99


Last April, I was in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and we were having some glorious meetings with a rich presence of the Holy Spirit. About the third night, I noticed people looking at their hands and elbowing their neighbor to do the same.

Finally, I looked down at my own hands, and there they were, little tiny flakes of gold dust (sparkles). Everyone in the building had them on their hands and faces. I was a little perplexed and wondered what was up. Everyone was talking about it. It only happened that night.

I remember thinking that I didn't necessarily "feel" any more sense of God, nor could I find any spiritual significance. It was purely a "sign" that made us "wonder." I did tell the Lord, "Lord, if you can manifest these little flakes, would it be too much trouble for you to go ahead and turn them into nuggets!" Hahaaaha!



Date: 4/4/99

From: (David Works)

Hi all,

I must report to all of you, my family, friends and acquaintances. Last night we had our praise and prayer midweek service. We sing and worship for about 20 minutes and we pray for about an hour. One of our secretaries went to Toronto Canada to a Christian intercessor's conference the week before and got home Tuesday night. I had her give a five minute testimony. She said that God was healing teeth and giving people Gold, Platinum and white fillings.

She said it was the most amazing thing she had ever seen. I asked her to pray for all of us. She had us put our hands on our mouths and she prayed God would bless his people and touch them like he was doing in Toronto. I then, with a smile, told everyone to look into the mouth of the person next to you.

I asked if anyone had gotten healed or a gold filling? No one responded so we went about our prayer meeting. We were coming to the close of the prayer meeting and I was just about to give a final corporate prayer and Russ Smith came running up to me saying Traci, his wife, had a new gold tooth! He then fell onto the floor making groaning noises. She came up to me and I asked her if it was gold before and she said No! I looked and she had a gold crown that she said was silver before! I just stepped back as people began to shout and dance and praise God and line up to look into her mouth. The worship leader began to sing and then Mike Ruiz came up to me and said when Traci said she got a gold tooth, my neck was healed instantly! He had a stiff neck and was going to go to the doctor today, but God healed it instead. I then said, it

appears the presence of the Lord is here to heal and we need to be open to receive the best we know how. This was the last direction I gave to the meeting.

About three songs later Jonathan, a teenager, came running up to the front proclaiming he had been given a gold filling. He had a penlight flashlight and had me look into his mouth where he had one gold filling on the lower back right. I asked him if he had that before and he said no! He didn't have any gold fillings! People began to praise and worship more! I got on my knees and began to cry. This whole thing has been very sobering for me personally.

About five minutes later a number of teenager and elementary age kids began to scream and shout, look at my hands, look at my hands! There is gold dust on my hands! Before long, to my knowledge, everyone in the place including me had a very shinny, sparkly, fine substance on their hands. It looked like fine gold. Chrissy Uylaki, a twenty year old girl had her hands loaded with the sparkles. She would wipe her hands and we could all watch it appear again instantly. One college girl began to shout and cry and rub her hands together proclaiming I have gold dust all over my hands!

One of our deacons, whom I have know for 17 years said I have two gold fillings I never had before! This morning a man called in that when he woke up this morning he looked and he had a gold filling he had never had before!

Last night it was quite a sight, everyone was looking at their hands and looking into each others mouths! Well, you know, just another ordinary Wednesday night prayer meeting I guess. Smile.

Well, we are today asking all who testified of getting gold fillings and teeth to go to their dentist and get it all verified. One thing I can tell you is this, I had the gold shinny flecks on MY HANDS. I am still humbled and just saying more Lord. I have not tried to explain it and interpret it, but just receive it as from the Lord!

I know the Bible says that the streets of heaven are made of Gold and we have been praying he would open heaven up to us more and more. If the angels of God are ascending and descending could it be that we are getting a little manifestation of the reality of heaven? Just some thoughts as I try hard not to try and figure this out with my head!

Love to all of you,

Steve V. and his lovely wife Kay

Date: 4/3/99

This is a follow-up report from Steve Valentine in Missoula. The church 130 miles north of Missoula is Christian Life Fellowship in Whitefish, Montana. More to come....

Greetings to all of you,

Here is an update from what happen a week and a half ago in our Wed. service when the gold showed up. We have seven people who have claimed to have had something noticeable happen in their mouth on that night. The lady with the gold crown is waiting to see her dentist. Her husband called her dentist the day after to get a verification, but he was out of town. Russ, her husband, talked to the dental assistant and asked her to pull his wife's records.

He then asked her what the crown was made out of that was on her tooth. She said it was made of gold, platinum and another alloy like silver, but not silver. He said what color would it be? She said it would be a dark grayish color with a gold tint. She said it would not be shinny like jewelry gold. Then she said, "Russ, why are you asking?" Russ told her what had happened at church and the lady said I would like to see that tooth. Traci went down to the dental office and the assistant examined her. She asked if Traci had changed her diet and was eating more acidic foods? Traci said no. Have you had it polished lately? She said no. The lady said, "Well, I don't know if I can say it is new or not, but it sure is new looking and shinny."

Since this night I had to go in for a root canal :-) ! I told the dental assistant what had happened at church and she said, "I know what that crown is made out of and they never get more gold looking or shinny, but they get more brownish & gray with age!" She said that was fascinating and she was very interested to hear more when I knew more. My root canal five days after the tooth miracles shows me God is sovereign and can do anything he wants. My faith remains high and the root canal has not diminished my faith at all. That too is a miracle isn't it?

The teenager who claimed to have received the gold filling had his parents call in to their dentist and they pulled his records. They said he did not have a gold filling in his mouth according to his records unless they had gone to another dentist and he had gotten one somewhere else. The dad said no, we only have gone to you. The teenager then went in for an exam of the filling and the dentist said, that the filling was not new that he had already had it from before. The dad then asked why they told him otherwise over the phone and the dentist said they must have looked at the wrong records. Because of this we have stopped telling people his filling was miraculous. We have no intentions of fabricating anything at all. True miracles of God need no help from us.

Today in church I asked how many people had the Gold looking dust and glitter looking substance on their hands during that Wednesday night. Over 100 people raised their hands. I asked how many have had it on their hands since that time either at home or in church and there were more than a 100 that raised their hands. The man whose neck got healed is still healed and a woman got her knee healed that same night.

Our deacon who had the two gold fillings in his mouth called the dentist the next day. His wife was a dental assistant for that same dentist for a number of years and she got his records to examine them. As it turned out she found he did have some partial gold in his fillings. What has happened is that he has more gold and the gold he has is 'very' shinny jewelry looking gold. They said it was unexplainable.

Today (3-21-99) another teenager, who wasn't at the gold fillings night, came up to me after church and said look at my hands! I have the gold stuff on them and my hands feel like they have oil on them. He said feel them! I felt them! The tips of his fingers had a fine oil like substance on them and the rest of his hands were dry.

I have encouraged those who are claiming significant healing or miracles in their mouths to get verification. It seems to me in these days, Christians in particular are so hunger for the supernatural they will grasp hold of anything whether it is validated or not; therefore, I am encouraging verification, not because I doubt, but because we have a world full of people that do. God needs very little help from us, but he does want to bless us and touch us in supernatural ways.

Our secretary Jami, went to a church 130 miles from us and shared what God is doing in Toronto and here in Missoula and she told me people claimed to have gotten gold fillings 'today' in that church and the gold stuff was all over her and others in the meeting. She took my advice and told them to get what happened in their mouths verified.

Some personal thoughts about all of this: The 'Ark' of God was made out of Acachai wood and covered with Gold inside and out. The Temple of God was full of Gold. It's furnishings were made of Gold and Silver. When the Temple was completed in 2Chronicles 7:1 the Glory of God filled the house and the priest couldn't stand to do their ministry. 1Corinthians 6:19-20 says our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost. God's presence resided in the Ark, the Temple and now in His people. The Ark and the Temple were full of gold. He resides in us and his presence is manifest in us. The Glory of God fills the temple. Glory means weight, splendor, magnificence, and copious wealth. When his Glory fills this human temple could it be that we are seeing a glimpse of this manifest weight, splendor, magnificence and copious wealth? Just some thoughts as I continue to marvel at the wonders of God.

True signs and wonders point to God where false signs and wonders point to man or other powers. A sign is a marker, and a wonder is something to marvel at. I rejoice that my name is written in the lambs book of Life. Like the blind man in John 9 who was healed by Jesus stated, "All I know is that I was blind and now I see!" I too can say all I know is that some of our people have had their mouths filled with gold, and I along with others have had a wonderful sparkly substance of shinny dust supernaturally show up on our hands, faces and clothes! I'll send more as I get it.

God's Supernatural Blessings on all of You!

Steve Valentine and his lovely wife Kay

140 S. 4th West

Missoula, Mt. 59801

406-721-7809 fax



Date: 4/5/99

From: (David Works)

Sunday night, April 4, 1999, at the end of our evening service, the Lord began filling teeth. Seven people received gold dental work ranging from the transformation of amalgam fillings into gold, to the installation of new fillings, to the appearance of entire gold caps. Much of the work appeared literally as we watched.

That same night saw other healings, as well. A teenager in a knee brace threw it away and danced all evening long with no pain and no limitation in movement. Another young man threw away his glasses and is seeing perfectly. An older woman whose left leg had been without feeling for a number of years found her leg completely restored after prayer.

In the morning that same day a man testified to the healing of an old injury. Nine years ago, he suffered damage to his optic nerve in an auto accident that rendered exposure to flourescent light in most indoor settings extremely painful. After prayer a month ago, he is completely healed.

God bless!

Loren Sandford
New Song Fellowship, Denver, CO



Date: 4/4/99



I have been attending the Morningstar Conference [] in Charlotte and the Lord has been doing AWESOME things this last week! I personally have had gold glitter on my hands as well as having at least 5 teeth that the Lord has supernaturally filled with what seems to be a combination of gold and silver from looking at it. It is very shiny and I still have the taste of metal in my mouth at times, so I know that the Lord is not finished with what He is doing yet. What is so awesome is not this though but the HOLY Presence of God Almighty and knowing His LOVE in such a deep, deep way as the Fear of the Lord and His awesome power is being revealed. Hundreds have also experienced this as we worshipped and prayed!


Carylann Hartley



Date: 4/11/99

From: (Kathie Walters)

A few weeks ago I went up to Ruth Heflin's camp in Ashland VA. with Joy Strang and a couple of other friends. The meetings were great and I had heard talk about gold dust. Now I am one of those people who have to "see for myself." Not that I thought others were lying - I just thought they might be deluded! So kept my eyes open - all the time. The second day when Ruth ministered I saw gold stuff shining all over her clothes and face. We went out to lunch with her and I made sure that I was sitting right next to her, like a foot away. this gold dust was all over her clothes and face and arms ( sorry couldn't see her legs - they were under the table). It didn't disappear - just stayed all over her during lunch.

That evening in the meeting I was too drunk in the Spirit to be all that observative ( is that a real word?), but at the end of the meeting, someone swept some of the gold dust on the pulpit onto my handkerchief. They said it would disappear in a day or so, but I prayed over it because I wanted to bring it back to Macon to encourage my prayer partners. And I still have it ( 5 weeks).

When I was driving back to GA. I kept brushing this gold dust off my dress and coat..all the way home ( 10 hours). I took my coat to the cleaners the next day because I was going away somewhere else at the end of the week. When my coat came back from the cleaners, it still had gold dust on it. It is still on the floor of my van, even though I've vacuumed it.



Date: 4/10/99

From: (Pastor Dale Howell)

A bunch of us from Cornerstone drove 150 miles to hear Bobby Conner last night in Reedsport, Oregon. He talked about the gold crowns, fillings, and gold dust coming in many places. At the end of the service he had people open their mouths and ask the person next to them to look and see what the Lord had done. There was a lady in the row immediately in front of  me. He friend was checking her teeth. She went nuts and started  saying excitedly, you have three, no four gold crowns. This lady had never had any gold in her mouth.

My Associate Larry, was a Dentist for 30 years. He looked in her mouth and said, these crowns are new, and its very good work! He then shared with me how in all the years he was in dentistry how he had heard about people getting miraculous crowns and fillings and had even prayed for some people to get them, but had never seen it. He said, that he had asked the Lord to let him see it before he died. I told Larry to bring his Dental equipment to church Sunday. I want he to pre-examine everyone and map out their mouths so we can prove the miracles! Darrell Stott is going to be with us next Sunday (18 April). He is experiencing the same kind of miracles in his meetings!

One young man in the meeting last night, got a crown that was porcelain and gold and the gold was a beautiful cross inlaid right into the porcelain. In addition to this, there were people getting gold dust on their hands during the service. I kept asking the Lord for it and a little girl came up and took hold of my hand and just held it for the longest time. After a while she let go. She never said a word to me. After she let go I felt impressed to look at my hand. It had gold dust on it. I then asked her to hold my other hand, when she let go it had gold dust on it too. As I started showing it to people, the gold dust increased!!!

Well, needless to say we are excited here.
Pastor Dale



Sandy Warner

I attended the Bobby Conner meeting in Portland, Oregon on 4/8/99.  People's teeth were getting filled with gold, and there was also gold glitter all over. The Lord anointed my hands in the van on the way home.  It was like the smoothest covering you ever felt. Not at all oily, but so soft I'd never felt such softness. Ladies in the van kept feeling them. I prayed over their hands and their hands turned soft too.  The next morning my hands had glistening oil that sparkled with gold glitter under the light.   One piece turned into a large gold flake right as I was looking. That piece was on my thumb. Prior to this, that same morning as I was waking I saw a picture vision of a lady kissing my two thumbs.

As the day progressed I noticed one of my thumbs twitched all day long!  Every time Wayne or I would say anything anointed my thumb would twitch. It was totally involuntarily. It twitched so much that I finally wondered if something was wrong with me. In the bathtub at night, I had it under the water and while praying, even the water moved. It was rather funny to watch. Finally I said, "Lord I just want to make sure this is YOU!" My thumb twitched twice as though to say "yes" then stopped totally still. That made me laugh outloud.  I knew for sure it was Him, because it had been twitching all day.  Later on as I was praying it started in again. So Funny!

I just looked while typing this... under my desk light, with glasses and magnifying glass I have tiny gold dust sparkles all over my hands.

My favorite part of this story is that they announced at the Bobby Conner meeting the night before, the Lord had poured out gold glitter all over the babies' faces.  That was so precious to hear and it is just like our God to give favor to the children.  When He said He was going to pour His Spirit out upon all flesh, He meant ALL flesh.



We are now in the days when God is moving His time table forward, and increasing the glory of His Presence upon those who are waiting upon Him.  Yes, we will see an increase in the darkness of world events, yet His glorious Presence is increasing as well.  "Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, And deep darkness the people;  But the LORD will arise over you, And His glory will be seen upon you." (NKJ Isaiah 60:1-2)    "For thus saith the LORD of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land; And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts. The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the LORD of hosts.  The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts."  (Hag 2:6-9) 

Now is the time to seek Him, to press in to His Presence and catch the waves of His glory!