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"Feast of Trumpets & the Rapture"
(Rosh HaShana) Web Links

Note from Bill Koenig:

I have provided below some very interesting links about Rosh
Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets. These web sites explain the
significance of Rosh Hashanah and what it stands for as a Jewish
festival (a list of Names, Themes and Idioms for the festival are
below). This year Rosh Hashanah falls on September 10th and 11th.

Rosh Hashanah is the "no man knows the day or hour" festival; it is
the celebration where the "last trump" is played;  it is the
wedding ceremony;  and it stands for many other things including
the "day of judgment" and "repentance."  (NOTE: Please read
carefully the "Wedding of the Messiah," in Eddie Chumneyís
material, beginning on page 14.  In Jewish customs the bride does
not go through "harsh" and "horrible" tribulation before her
wedding day. In the Bible the bridegroom is Jesus Christ and the
bride stands for the church (Christians).)

I have included Chuck Missler, Greg Killian and Joseph Goodís
material on Rosh Hashanah too.

I have also included a few web sites that discuss the possibility
of September 11, being the 6000th anniversary of Adamís creation.

I hope you enjoy this very fascinating and intriguing information.
There will be more to follow in the very near future.



Eddie Chumney
Rosh Hashanah / Jacobís Trouble / The Wedding of the Messiah

The Rosh Hashanah celebration: Names, Themes and Idioms.

Below are the names, themes and idioms of the Rosh Hashanah

· Teshuvah (repentance)
· Rosh HaShanah (Head of the Year, Birthday of the World)
· Yom Teruah (the Day of the Awakening Blast [Feast of Trumpets)
· Yom HaDin (the Day of Judgment)
· HaMelech (the Coronation of the Messiah)
· Yom HaZikkaron (the Day of Remembrance or memorial)
· The time of Jacob's (Ya'akov) trouble (the birthpangs of the Messiah, Chevlai shel Mashiach)
· The opening of the gates
· Kiddushin/Nesu'in (the wedding ceremony)
· The resurrection of the dead (rapture, natza1)
· The last trump (shofar)
· Yom Hakeseh (the hidden day)

Chuck Missler
Rosh Hashanah - The Feast of Trumpets

Greg Killian
The Messianic Significance of Yom Teruah (Rosh Hashanah) 151k 351k
The Day Messiah Returns

Joseph Good
Rosh Hashanah: No man knows the day or the hour

Joseph Good
The Coming of The Messiah & Yom Kippur (The Second Coming and Mount



How will Yeshua (Jesus) fulfill the Fall Feasts?


Michael Rood
6001 Day of the Lord

Avi Ben Mordechai
Millennium 7000

Vince Aquilino
Prophecy and Current Events
September 11, 1999 - Is it the Rapture?

Yacov Rambsel
Yacov believes the 6000 anniversary of Adamís creation is also on
Rosh Hashanah 1999, but he doesnít have anything about it on his
new web site yet.

Bonnie Gaunt
In Bonnie's book, "The Coming of Lord Jesus," she used her
expertise in astronomy (signs in the skies); knowledge of Hebrew,
Greek and English gematria (numbers); her knowledge and experience
in the Bible Codes; and most importantly her indepth knowledge of
the Word of God, to determine that this yearís Rosh Hashanah is the
6000th anniversary of Adamís creation.