I was attempting to warn people about the mark, and about how it would show up, (I was wrong on that point. I assumed it would be "forced" upon people at the outset, and that people would see it as worship of the antichrist) and a man emailed me and told me he NOW has it!!!!

These claims turned out to be FALSE REPORTS. FALSE WITNESSES. I'll start by listing an email I received from the Technology Information Center of the state of Texas.

Subject: Re: free permanant id?

Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 17:10:38 -0500

From: Nelda Baierl



The primary function of the Department of Information Resources is to provide the strategic and policy direction for implementation and management of computer technology in Texas state government. We have researched the issue raised in your request to us and find no indication of a program such as you describe currently being carried out in the state of Texas. I have visited the governor's web page that describes the major initiatives before the governor at this time and do not see any discussion of the program you describe. You may wish to visit that page as well - the web address is:

I'm sorry we couldn't be of more assistance.


Nel Baierl, Librarian Intern Email: Technology Information Center Phone: 512 475-4790 Dept of Information Resources FAX: 512 475-4759

Hey Jason --

I've just spent a bit of time looking at some of the stuff on your site. I remain unconvinced. ....

Next, there's your warning about how the mark is here now, and you cite the message posted to usenet in alt.atheism yesterday from John Hatton as evidence. This was later revealed to be a hoax. A practical joke, at your expense, I might add. Sorry, but there's really no other way to put that. Here's the message, in case you missed it:

--- Begin Quoted Message ---

Subject: Re: Would atheists accept the 666 mark? Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 00:24:53 GMT From: (John Hattan) Organization: The Code Zone Newsgroups: alt.atheism (Therion Ware) wrote:

>On Mon, 12 Apr 1999 11:42:28 GMT, (John >Hattan) wrote in alt.atheism: > >... the starting point for another urban legend which will probably be >cited time and again and again and again....

To cap it all off, the genius bought my story hook, line, and sinker!

He emailed me a couple times asking questions about my infrared tattoo. He finally asked me for my phone number so he could verify the facts. I gave him the number of a dirty joke hotline in New York :)

--- John Hattan Grand High UberPope - First Church of Shatnerology --- End Quoted message ---

I don't have any evidence that the second message is true, and I'd wager that you don't either. Step back and look at it from my point of view for a second (never mind the atheism). You quote the message " friend ellen said the dentist puts them in fillings now too..." You've gotta be kidding me... A friend of an unknown emailer claims the dentist (which one? Where? What's his name?) puts these units in fillings, and you're all over it without the slightest shred of proof or verification.

Finally, your statement that "The USA is already 98-99% cashless." is so incredible, I have to ask for your source of that information.

Oh, and by the way, please don't come back at me with any of the "well, it says so in the bible..." defenses that are so common. To me, the revelation story is just as unverifiable and unsubstantiated as the rest of this stuff.




Re: Would atheists accept the 666 mark?
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 11:43:56 GMT
From: (John Hattan)
The Code Zone
Jason Hommel <>

Jason Hommel> wrote:

>Will atheists accept the mark of the beast?

First off, your subject is a red herring. The Bible says that the Beast
can be identified by a 666. It doesn't say that the mark itself has a
666. That was something invented by Jack Chick for his comics.

>Would you take a biochip implant that had all your financial information
>on it, that you could use to buy and sell, and the act of taking it was
>shown to be an act of worship to a man claiming to be God?

Actually, you can get a biochip or an infrared tattoo. North Texas is a
test site.

>Or would you stand by your own convictions, and accept the death penalty
>for not worshiping a man who claims to be God?
>That's the issue that is stated in Revelation 13...
>the fulfillment of which is now technologically possible.

Where have you been? It's under way!

>The mark is coming.  it was predicted in the Bible.  Proof of it coming
>to pass is proof that God exists and predicted it.

Actually, I already got it, as North Texas is a test site for Mark
Technologies(tm). Instead of the chip, I went with the infrared tattoo.
While the chip is harder to detect or remove, the tattoo was painless
and currently works with existing laser-scanners. Most of the shops that
currently accept The Mark don't have the inductive-coil reader that the
chip requires.

Most folks were going with the tattoo. Some parents were getting the
chip for the younger kids because the induction readers would be
everywhere by the time they started using it.

Unfortunately, it can't be used as an embedded debit card yet. Since
cash hasn't yet been fully eliminated here, it's just used for
verification --I use it in conjunction with my regular checks. It's
quite convenient, as my bank finally tied itself in with the system a
couple of months ago. Makes check-cashing a breeze.

It's funny. I didn't give the Mark a second thought when I got it. I was
dragging some old books down to the library to donate, and there was a
mobile ID station there. As I was walking out, a lady asked if I wanted
my free permanant ID. I figured, "what the heck, it's free". Ten minutes
later, I had it. She had to re-type my form into the computer, which I
thought was rather redundant, but she wanted to get all the info correct
before I left. I imagine they'll have things more streamlined when they
go nationwide.

Can't even tell it's there now, unless I get it under a flourescent
light at just the right angle. Looks like little concentric circles,
about 1/2" in diameter. I always figured it'd look like a UPC code, but
I guess a circular bar-code is easier, because it can be scanned from
any angle.

>So, the question is, what will you do when the decision is presented
>that you can either take the mark of the beast or accept death by

Don't be silly. There were no strong-arm tactics at all. Another woman
leaving the library said she wasn't interested in the ID. She got in her
car and drove away.

>Do you feel you need to know more to be able to make such a decision?

As mentioned above, I've already decided.

John Hattan              Grand High UberPope - First Church of Shatnerology

Here is a follow up letter from the same guy;

> Can I quote you on this? That you say you already have it?

I suppose so.

> How long ago did you get it? (Asked on 4-12-99)

About a month ago.

> Did they put it in your right hand or your left?

Right hand.

> Was it important which hand it went on?

I guess so. She asked for me to put my right hand under the imprinter. I didn't ask if I could've put it on the left. Didn't make much difference to me.

A second man emailed me about this:

on 4-13-99...

my daughter went to have her vaccinations for school the other day. The doctor, and this is an HMO, asked if i wanted a kind of invisible ID chip inserted as well. It would have her name , social security number, etc. on it and would be easily tracked should she ever be kid-napped. I was wary and said no, the my friend ellen said the dentist puts them in fillings now too! I'm very scared but I'm not so worried because I believe the world will end before we have acomplete police state. Oh, the world is scary, all we can do now is pray and not let the government go to far befor ethe end. Have a blessed day.

A third man emailed me about this:

Subject: the Mark? you mean Unicheck?

Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 19:59:51 EDT



I learned that someone here was interested in learning about microchip implantation or product code/check verification infrared tattoos. John Hattan? Are you the same JH I see when trolling alt.atheism? Sounds like the tattoo is working out for you.

So Texas was/is a test sight too? I guess the Seattle area is, and I'm thinking about doing it. It's free, and last I saw, it was at a tech job fair at Seattle Center not long ago. I don't know where to go to have it done now, but I know it's available, and pretty soon everyone will have one, just like DVDs and such. Sounds like the next tech craze to me.

A couple I know got them about three months ago, and I guess scanners are going to be installed at some grocery store checkstands in our area soon. It's called Unicheck, and you can get a chip with all your info injected like a Norplant, or a freaky little green tattoo. Our friends both opted for the tattoos, and said the entire process took about ten seconds and was painless. The tattoo is about an inch wide, and contains all their banking info, even balances and cash available on debit and credit cards. You can get it on the inside of your left wrist or forehead (which I thought was a little wierd, actually). Our friends both went for the wrists.

Once the whole system is up and running, they will no longer need to carry personal info. Life without carrying a wallet everywhere sounds pretty cool to me. Sometime next year, the Dept. of Transportation might opt for the system, as I've read the State of Washington has given it the green light (I thought this was old news!). This may in the near future make a driver's license obsolete - all pertinent info stamped right on the wrist! Cool. My damn dog has an ID chip from the vet (old technology), why not me? Additionally, this will reduce fraud and other crimes drastically. I'm all for it.

A fourth man emailed me about this:

Subject: Texas implants

Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 15:24:51 -0500 (CDT)

From: John Edens



Caught your messages about the Chip being tested down here in Texas. It really is no big deal. It is part of a State of Texas initiative started by the Govenor, George Bush Junior, to help streamline the different State and County functions - things like Driver's Licenses, library cards, school records, and so on.

Totally voluntary, of course, but it sure makes things a lot easier for me since I don't have to keep as many cards and things around. And like that first guy said, it is hooked into the banking system, so I can do things like renewing my driver's license at the bank ATM.

I think you will hear a lot more about this system when Gov Bush starts his presidential campaign ads. He used stories about it down here during his last campaign for govenor to show how in touch he is with technology and really explained how it will save the taxpayers a lot of money. Even if Gov Bush doesn't win the election, I bet Gore will use this idea - it just makes sense!

Hope this helps!

This and all the rest turned out to be FALSE REPORTS. FALSE WITNESSES.

More rumors of tatoos or biochips in people's hands... Rumors, because nothing has been verified.

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