Now, believe it or not, but most of the links at
are the ones representing a rational, logical argument, making a good & logical case that the mark of the beast will be a syringe implantable microchip, or biochip implant.

Note, people in the past thought it was these other things:

  1. Some said it was the barcodes.
  2. Some said it was visa/mastercard.
  3. Some say it was keeping Sunday as the Sabbath.
  4. Some have said it refers to the practice of branding slaves to show ownership.
  5. Some have thought it referred to pagan religious tattoos designed to show devotions.
  6. Some feel it refers to money, because the image of the emperor was on it.
  7. Some feel it refers to the royal seal, which was required in many business transactions.
  8. Some link it to the OT practice (Deut. 6:8) of wearing phylacteries on the left hand and the forehead.
  9. Some have said it is a mockery of the sign of the cross.
  10. Some have felt it was a number (like a social security number) that will be implanted in our hands and foreheads in the future.
  11. Some say it's a symbol of what you do (hand) and what you think (forehead)

But, notice how none of the above-mentioned items fully fulfills the scriptural description.

The links in this next section are not so logical as the links above. I'll list them, so that you can see the clear difference between rational thought, and ranting thought. Think of the following group of links as "Wackos of the Beast!:

  1. Unofficial 666 FAQ (Name-Tricks with 666)
  2. More "Number 666/Name" games.
  3. The Devil's Card: Can't leave home without it? --Argues that the biochip may not be the mark of the beast, because it's all speculation at this point. Yeah, right.
  4. The Mark of the Beast --Argues that the "mark" is keeping the Sunday holy instead of Saturday. Yeah, right.
  5. The Beast of Revelation 13 analysis concludes with the sabbath
  6. The Mark of Disobedience the sabbath
  7. Planetary Alert The Mark of The Beast... another one thinks it's all about the sabbath
  8. Sabbath to be enforced!

  9. All of the above "The Mark is the SABBATH" web-page authors seem to forget the verse: [Col 2:16] Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:
  10. Woah! This guy says the mark of the beast is SEX!
  11. Mark on Barcodes? this guy thinks it's all a "combination of various half-truths, cleverly put together to appear as a diabolic conspiracy"
  12. 666 The mark of the Beast This page is one of the most amazing examples of "scripture twisting" I've ever read! (Except, of course, the interpretation of Revelation as given by Jehovah's Witnesses.)
  13. Mark of the Beast is a biochip implant, but controlled by special sattelite computers designed by space aliens!!