Nosebleed & Epistaxis Testimonials; It worked for them:

Cayenne pepper, green vegetables, & Vitamin C with bioflavonoids.

Stop Nosebleeds and Epistaxis; prevention

Subject:         Re: Nosebleed cure, I'm game............
   Date:         Sat, 6 Jan 2001 03:45:02 EST

Hi Jason,

    Just wanted to give you an update, since I've been on your program now for exactly one week.  I will give a detailed report after about a month, but  wanted to let you know before then.
    This program works!  For the first time in two years I am back to normal.  I can even blow without a trace of blood.  It started working immediately, right after taking my first dose.  I have a very good friend back east and she is a registered nurse, she worked ER and has quite a knowledge built up after 30 years of nursing.  She is interested in the program and perhaps will  have some input.
    In the meantime, I want to thank you for what you have done.  If you need a webpage built or any graphic imaging I will gladly build what you need.  I'm hoping that your program gets a little more attention.  Thank God I found your site before I considered the last alternative of having cauterization done.  I don't like doctors.

    Thank you again Jason, I'll keep you updated and give a complete report in about 3 weeks.  This is a fantastic program.


About 5 weeks later...

Subject:  The Hommel Program
   Date:  Sun, 11 Feb 2001 15:22:15 EST

Dear Jason Hommel,

    Well I've been keeping a log now since starting your program just six (6)
weeks ago.  I have to say the program is a success for me.  For the first
time in over two years I'm able to travel without worrying about having
kleenex in my pocket to stop a nosebleed.  In fact, I'm able to blow my nose
normally now with no bleeding or discoloration.
    The only thing I would change about the program is possibly seeing if the
Vitamin K is available in capsule form.  The small 100 mcg pill is quite hard
and it's a known fact that some hard pills (and even some capsules) will pass
through the body without having time to be absorbed normally.  I actually
started to grind them up.  I discovered that unlike Vitamin C, the Vitamin K
in powder form has no taste whatsoever.  I could sprinkle it over any food or
add it to any liquid with no bitter taste at all.
    Just this last week I picked up a small humidifier which runs about 12
hours on one fill.  I live in the mountains and the air is quite cold and dry
for most of the winter.  It's now 25 degrees with about 2 feet of snow on the
ground as I'm typing this.  My heating is by gas with an electric blower
which makes the air even dryer.  The humidifier has removed the dry feeling
all together.
    I highly recommend your program to anyone with a nosebleed problem.  Of
course consulting your doctor first is a good idea, but if your doctor
insists on prescribing drugs or cauterization, you've got nothing to lose by
trying what I will call The Hommel Program.

    For the record, here is what I am taking daily during breakfast:

    One 1000 mg Vitamin C capsule (with bioflavonoids).
    One 600 mg (100,000 Heat Unit) capsule of Cool Cayenne.
    One 100 mcg (microgram) Vitamin K pill.

    The above 100 day supply cost a total of 25 dollars.  Twenty-five cents a
day.  The humidifier was very inexpensive.  I've added green leaf vegetables
and more fresh fruit to my diet also.

    Thank you Jason for all the time you spent in researching and developing
a cure (not just a fix) for this problem.  I hope you get some recognition
for all the work you've put into it.

            Best regards,

                                Joe O'Brien      (

The following log covers six (6) weeks of taking the program.

-------------------------------------- Begin Log

Obtained the following 100 count supply of each from Clark's Nutrition Center:

                    1000 mg C with bioflavonoids
                    600 mg Cool Cayenne (100k heat-unit)
                    100 mcg Vitamin K

Begin Program  12-28-00  (one each of the above daily)

    Took the above about 3 PM with no side effects.  About 11 PM I decided to
blow my nose.  A large blood clot came out and I immediately expected the
usual flow of blood following that.  Not even checking, I automatically
stuffed a wad of Kleenex up the left nostril.  After about 20 minutes I
removed it, totally surprised to discover no blood.  First time ever I've had
no bleeding after a good blow to remove a  clot from that nostril.  Any
further entries will be only to document any nose bleed, it's intensity and
duration.  As of now the nostril is totally clear.

1-5-01  (9 days into the program)

    Not a drop.  I am able to blow without a trace of blood.  Up till now,
there has been a slight discoloration from the affected (left) nostril,
usually when blowing in the morning.  The program not only works, but it
started working immediately.

1-15-01 (2 weeks into the program)

    Didn't take the pills till 2 PM in the afternoon and actually had a very
light nosebleed after blowing fairly hard.  Stopped in about 2 minutes.  I
then took the pills.  Nostril clear, no bleeding and only slight
discoloration visible from blowing.


    Slight bleeding after a good blow.  Stopped in 2 minutes.


    Gave a normal blow and got a heavy nosebleed this time.  It took about 20
minutes to stop.  The time frame was about 3 hours after taking the pills.
Weather conditions were extreme low humidity of about 15%.  No physical
exertion and normal diet of oatmeal and toast for breakfast with three cups
of coffee.  Okay to blow normally in the evening without a reoccurrence.  May
consider adding an extra dose of Vitamin C with dinner.


    Slight bleeding after a strong blow.  Stopped in 2 minutes.

2-10-01 (6 weeks into the program)

    It's been three straight weeks now with no problems or discoloration when
blowing.  Able to blow normally now.

    This concludes my log of how the program works.  Obviously it works well,
and does so with over the counter vitamins and Cayenne.

Subject:        Nosebleed prevention success thanks to Jason's website!
   Date:        Sat, 6 Feb 1999 12:43:39 -0800
   From:        "Jeanne/Craig Gostnell" <>
     To:        <>


I am a 51-yo male who has had a steadily worsening nosebleed problem for the past several years.  Aside from an isolated episode when I was about 14, which required a trip to the e-room and cauterizing, this began about 6-8 years ago.  Usuallly a light to heavy flow which would be easily stopped in a few minutes, usually (always?) in the winter.

Two years ago I had one that wouldn't stop, I was home alone and finally in the wee hours made the 20-mile drive to the hospital.  It stopped about when I got there.  They did enough "counseling" to justify their charges and gave me a bottle of  Afrin nasal decongestant and suggested pumping it in at the first indication.  It will constrict blood vessels and help stop the bleeding, they said.

Last year it got worse.  Twice I went to the emergency room in the middle of the night, packing and cauterizing and seeing an ENT specialist.  (I don't know what you have had in the way of packing, but what they used was the equivalent of having a carpenter's pencil rammed several inches up your nose, which would then be injected with a liquid which would expand it. This was by far the worst of all the unpleasant aspects of these episodes.)

These two last year were on opposite sides, and "posterior," no way to stop the flow by pinching etc.  The second one I allowed to flow into a bucket while my wife drove me to the hospital, as the alternative was to swallow it.  The bucket had close to a quart of blood in it and I passed out in the e-room, I presume from blood loss, and was put on an IV. Meantime, the doctors, and ENT and my family GP, could offer no advice or suggestions for prevention of these episodes.

These are the most traumatic experiences I have ever had, and the hospital personnel intimated to me that everyone hates nosebleeds, them included, because of the mess, discomfort etc.  I was led to believe that nothing could be done, that winter was "nosebleed season." All of this led to very poor sleep, frightened to death every time my nose would run that it was going to be "The Carpenter's Pencil."

This winter it started again, initially just a spot of blood when I would blow my nose, progressing to minor nosebleeds, until by Christmas the full-fledged ones were beginning.  I came home from a party Dec. 27, despondent that I had been unable to enjoy myself as I was barely preventing that mornings episode from reappearing, when I found your website.  I had previously searched under "epistaxis" and found only dry medical descriptions of packing techniques etc.  This time I tried "nosebleed +prevention."

That was six weeks ago.  I have not had a nosebleed since.  I began with:
       1000 mg C (w/rose hips & acerola, Solaray)

       1000 mg Bioflavinoid complex (KAL, $6.71/c)
        600 mg 100,000 heat-unit Cool Cayenne (Solaray)

A few days into it I happened to be in a GNC store and noticed they had
        100 mcg Vitamin K ($2.99/c)

so I take those for good measure.  After a month or so I was getting a little irritation and an occasional spot of blood, so I added a second C and a second bioflavinoid with my evening meal and that has now stopped.

My gratitude to you is immense, I was on the verge of considering relocating to a different climate and giving up my beloved home here in the Oregon woods.  What can I do for you?  I would like to send you some money, I am not wealthy but not poor and a hundred bucks could be easily
managed. Unless you can suggest some other type of reimbursement, please send me your mailing address.

                                                       Craig Gostnell
                                                       PO Box 50
                                                       Williams, OR 97544

Thank you for your nosebleed info.

Many people including myself have nose bleeds due to a heriditary condition called osler-weber-rondue syndrome. I was diagosed at 26 and i am now 53.

This condition is now called heritary hemoragic telangictasia (sp?). Nosebleeds occur in 90% of the cases.  Brain abseces. lung problems and other serious things can occur.  It gets worse as you get older.

Fortunately there is a website called 'HHT Foundation' c/o Dr Robert White at Yale University.  19 docs are working on this problem.

Please look at the site and call me  Roger Richman 310 276 7000 for further discussions.

Also, besides aspirin which contains salycalates (sp) along with apricots,almonds and many other fruits and nuts.  I'll fax you the list and you can put it on your site.

best wishes, rr

Subject:        Nose bleeding--Stop them forever!
   Date:        Fri, 10 Oct 1997 11:34:42
   From:        (name removed on request)

Dear Jason,
First I am very thankful for that you put this very useful information on the web. Secondly I would like to congratulate you for your splendid work
to solv your nose bleeding.

Here is a short story about how some of the DOCTORS are  nonchalant against the patient. On the other day I visited a doctor because I was having a cough and one of my nostril was bleeding. The doctor told me that he has to perform a cauterization on the burst nose blood vessel and I agreed with
his since he was the expert and I was the amateur. But the fanny thing was he was performing the cauterization chemically not surgically. After he has
finished the treatment I asked him about what was the chemical he was used to burn my blood vessel and he told me that is  a powder of Chromium oxide (Cr2O3) and I felt horrible because from my work I knew that Chromium oxide was one of the HAZARDOUS chemicals and start to ask him if he knew that chemical he is using is a CARCINOGEN in human and its targets are the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM? He say, no. Then I asked him to show me the gallipot to see if there is a warning label on is but i found it without. I told him that may be it doesn't mater for me but it is not fair to treat people with chemical substance you don't know its physiological effect. He suggest me to ask the chief physician. I took the telephone number
phoned him. To my amazment he told me that knew about the Chromium oxide was one of the chemicaly HAZARDOUS and it is not new for him. He don't care about it as long as the pharmacy is supplying hem. Then I asked him why do not you tell your co-workers and patients to know about the chemicaly HAZARDOUS? He answerd that it is not his responsibility  and told me that I was bothered him? I wonder if you knew what was the chemical burner they was using to cauterize your blood vessels?

Have a nice weekend!
(name removed on request)
PS. if wont to read about chromium oxide here is the addres


Thanks.  Thanks for having your report out there on the web.

Sure enough,  my nosebleeds came back when I stopped taking my vitamin C.
It was only a multi-vitamin supplement,  Millennium.  But it was enough.
If I hadn't seen your report,  I would never have thought of that.
As soon as I went back to it,  including the additional C with
Bioflavonoids,  full stop.
I haven't taken on the Cayenne Pepper capsules,  but use more of it with

So,  it works and I just wanted you to know.  Thanks again.

Bob Farrell
Gaithersburg,  Maryland

Subject:             no more(yet) bleeding gums
        Date:             Mon, 2 Feb 1998 17:00:33 +0005
       From:             "john hamilton" <>
 Organization:             entrepreneur

Dear Jason,

After bits of trial and error in various directions and various
dosages I finally settled for daily dosages of: 150mg vitamin C,
300mg "cool" cayenne plus bedtime drops of Ponarias emolument.
My last nosebleed was exceedingly mild that was stopped in less than
5 minutes by simply "snuffing" with nasal air intake.

Of course our personal situations are somewhat different, e.g. I am
76 years young; have never had a heart attack but am diagnosed as
being "at risk" so daily I take 25 mg of Atenolol, 81mg aspirin, and
enjoy 20ozs of beef before dinner and 8ozs red wine with dinner to
stay in the pink of condition.  And I thank you very much for your
generously provided advice on the nosebleed problem.

Sincere best wishes,

john hamilton, entrepreneur
Advocates Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility
and Freedom From Government
10548 Rivulet Row
Columbia MD  21044-2420
410-730-7536 e-mail <>

Subject:        Nose bleeds
   Date:        Sun, 01 Mar 1998 18:52:25 -0800
   From:        Patricia Lawrence <>

Jason, I started your program today!  True, cauterization is not the
ticket (been there, done that).  I am adding "A and D Ointment" in place
of the vasaline as the ointment tends to assist with "toughening."  If
your suggestions (the cayenne and the 1000 mg of vit. C), has a positive
effect, I WILL let you know!  Thanks for sharing.  Due to my business, I
fly a lot.....consequently, with a break in the lining of my nose, I
pick up every germ being circulated in the has not been a
good winter as all of the air-borne critters have direct access to my
blood system.  Thanks very much for sharing your "personal success
story."  P. Lawrence

25 days later...

Jason, (FYI) I am delighted to report that the nose bleeds have
ceased!!!  I take the 1000 mg of vit. C daily.  For two weeks I took the
vitamin C along with three capsules of Golden Seal rather than the
cayenne---I have a small history of forming clots on my own, so I was
concerned about getting the wrong results with cayenne.  For the first
two weeks, I took 2000 mg of C a day.  The bleeding stopped almost
immediately.  How nice to be able to blow my nose!  Additionally, I used
A and D ointment rather than the vasaline.  THANK YOU, PATRICIA LAWRENCE

Subject:        Dear Jason,
   Date:        Sat, 28 Mar 1998 17:08:52 -0800
   From:        "mnkadrs" <>
     To:        <>

I was sitting here bleeding into a tissue and thought what the heck, I'm
gonna look up nose bleeds on the net. Wow!!! I can't belive the similarity
in our past's. I started having major nose bleeds when i was about six. My
dad always said it was a punishment for picking my nose as a child. I used
to race on the ski team in South Lake Tahoe when I was a Sophomore in high
school. I always got nose bleeds...usualy when i was riding up the chair
lift or bending down to adjust a bootlatch or something. Anyways, as a
small child i had three cartarizations. The first two were the worst, the
third was no fun either. And my pediatrician always said that i would have
to put neosporin up my nose for the rest of my life. Fun huh? So this week
i've been fighting off a nasty virus and sinus infection. My wife has been
pumping me full of 2000 mg of vitamin c and echinacea and green magma and
zinc lozenges. Well today i forgot to take them all.
and as a result of reading your letter i now know why i have had nine nose
bleeds since 8am. I am going to try your plan...and i'm going to get the
bioflavinoids. I will save this email address and bookmark the web page for
anyone i can share it with. Thanks for your experience and i hope you are
doing well. Sincerly, Michael DeCaires.

two days later...

Wow... i took my first one today, its a 40,000 hu type. I saw
the store had one there that was 100,000hu!!! so far so good. Thanks again
                                   Michael DeCaires

Subject:        Hi Jason ,thank you very much for the info.on stopping nosebleeds,
   Date:        Sat, 2 May 1998 00:28:53 -0400
   From: (Edward Haynes)

it worked for me.    eddard

and the Engineer!!

Subject:        Jason - pepper and nosebleeds - an anecdote
   Date:        Tue, 19 May 1998 01:30:58 +0900
   From:        Donna Schakelaar <>

Dear Jason,
I came across your site while looking for something to explain the
coagulative properties of pepper. I was talking to a patient who used to
live in a very remote Aboriginal community. One day while hunting one of
the young men sustained a huge laceration which bled furiously and
nobody was carrying any first aid gear. This was big enough to
definately need suturing. One of the old ladies grabbed the black pepper
and poured it all over the wound. Everyone thought she was mad but but
the wound stopped bleeding very quickly. If you come across anymore on
the potential mechanism of action I would be interested.

Donna Schakelaar [general practitioner]

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